Stay in motion, be healthier at work

Stay in motion, be healthier at work

Gispen Coach

We sit all day without even noticing it. Behind our desk, to and from work, in a meeting, at lunch… We keep hearing slogans such as ‘Sitting is deadlier than smoking’. Yet how can we get off our office chairs with the pressures of work rising each year? Increasing productivity and flexibility are expected from both employers and employees. 

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How to proceed?

The Gispen Coach basic package is a smart application that helps the employee to become more aware of his working posture.

After being installed on the computer the app anticipates the information the employee provides subconsciously. Users are given non-imposing advice based on their computer behaviour (use of mouse + keyboard). This may vary from ‘do something else for 30 seconds’ to ‘get yourself a cup of coffee’.

The power of prevention lies in variety, awareness and movement. More productivity, less absenteeism!

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Looking ahead

Actively respond to the needs of employees who don’t have any complaints (yet).


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Gispen Coach raises employees’ awareness of their working posture and behaviour. Employees move around more and start to feel healthier by means of varying posture.

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Variety and movement

A workplace with less absenteeism, more productive and fitter employees seems a long way off. Or even sounds like an empty marketing slogan. This is not the case however. Install the software and become aware of the effect variety and movement can have on your productivity.

The coach’s thoughts

You are a workplace athlete and your body is a locomotor apparatus. Invest in your health and walk around several times per hour. What do we call sitting sensibly? Top-level sport. You must therefore make sure that you build in enough recovery moments, just as top athletes do in practicing their sport. Keep your brain active and move where and whenever you can. You will feel more fit and healthy and be able to carry out your work in a more focused way.

‘A free trial? Or would you like me to visit and demonstrate the possibilities & benefits to you?’

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How does it work

  • After filling in an application form you will receive an e-mail with the download link and instructions. After installation, you will have free access to the Gispen Coach Professional edition for 30 working days.

    When the trial period has expired you will get a notification in the Gispen Coach app whether you wish to upgrade to the Professional edition. Should you not wish to do so, you will still be able to use Gispen Coach as a Freeware version with limited functionalities.

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