How do you get everyone excited about a new furnishing concept?

How do you get everyone excited about a new furnishing concept?

Change management

A new work environment often comes with a new working method that requires a different mindset. This is something everyone at the office must adapt to, which can be challenging. Some look forward to it while others still have their doubts. Change management helps organisations and their employees to get to grips with a new working process and accompanying work environment.

Achieving goals

In essence, change management is about behavioural change. You will want to achieve certain goals with your new work environment. These goals can often be translated into specific actions: more knowledge sharing, for example, or more collaboration and more transparent communication. And not to forget cost-savings, of course. Do you expect to see doubts or fear among your employees and would you like to help them cope with these feelings? Call upon the services of Gispen and enter into a change management process with us.


The client’s thoughts

‘We are changing over to a flexible working method; what kind of impact will this have on our organisation? We attended two half-day workshops during which we considered the pros and cons of this transition. The first workshop was focused on activity-related working and finding out what we need in order to carry out our jobs effectively. In the second workshop we got to work on floor plans and furniture. It takes time, but there are great benefits to it: you come to appreciate each other’s tasks and wishes and you gain insight into the pros and cons of certain interior design choices. Gispen has provided us with professional support by means of inspiring teaching modes.’

Wim Dictus Director bachelor Biomedical Sciences UMCU

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What can you expect?

We will guide your organisation in the journey toward a new furnishing concept. Before this new concept becomes reality, we will make your employees aware of all the new things to consider – both emotionally and rationally. Some say: ‘I’m afraid that I won’t be able to concentrate as well in an open office environment’ or ‘Will I like our new work environment?’ (emotional thinking). Others are concerned about tangible things (rational thinking) such as fire safety, occupational health and safety or other requirements that are imposed on the building and the work environment. We provide your employees with a professional answer to all of their questions, put forward solutions and alternatives and make sure we get everyone excited about the new furnishing concept.

How can you benefit from this service?

Change management will help you get the support that is needed to implement a new or altered work environment. This is a process we enter into together, where we involve both you and your employees. By including everyone in the process, you will create unity and energy among your employees. There is a silver lining to this as well; this method will lead to the most effective furnishing concept, because all the knowledge and insight that is gained during this process of change gets incorporated into the design. The added benefit of having Gispen manage the entire process.

How does it work?

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What do you aim to achieve by changing your accommodation/work environment? We will discuss things with you in person and answer this question together and help you prioritise.


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Organisations that have already made a transition toward a new work environment may receive reference visits from us. How are things going? Are you happy with the transition? What went wrong? Learning from the experiences of others has proven very valuable.

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We will prepare your employees for future changes during one or multiple workshops. Subjects and teaching modes that are included in the workshop:

- New ways of working; trends and developments in your field
- Workstation game: how do people conduct themselves and what are their requirements?
- Furnishing together: creating your own design using a map and some magnets
- Colours and materials – what suits your organisation and its corporate culture?

Diensten Verandermanagement

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We will create a survey that your employees take part in. This survey will provide a numerical foundation and a series of facts for the new furnishing concept. This includes types of activities that take place within the organisation as well as occupancy numbers.

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At this point, we will gather all the information, insights and requirements and translate them into an appealing and tailor-made interior design. This is how we will make the transition towards a new, altered or refurbished work environment together.


The workstation game has been developed by the Center for People and Buildings. More information on the workstation game can be found here.

The illustration of the workstation game above has been provided by CfPB.

The workstation game has been developed by the Center for People and Buildings. More information on the workstation game can be found here..

Gispen interior architect

‘Change will always affect people. A new working process or work environment demands behavioural change. This can be quite demanding for an organisation and its employees, who can really benefit from guidance into the unknown. Building support might sound like a bit of a cliché, but it really is a guarantee for success.’

Marieke Kamperman Interior architect

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