Gispen - Vitra - Offecct - Peter van de Water

Vitra has been a leader in the design world since 1950. With a large number of iconic furniture designs by leading designers, the brand has a rich history and strong link with the world of architecture.
Commitment; a Lifecircle for contemporary interiors. Everything that Offecct does isdedicated to their mission of creating sustainable meetings and sustainable life cycle for furniture.

In 1994 Peter van de Water graduated in Architecture Design from St. Joost Art Academy in Breda. He opened his design studio Internal Affairs in 1999 and focuses on interior and furniture design.

His designs stand out by their intelligent simplicity.

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  1. Sett CE bank met planten

    Sett CE sofa


    Price on request
  2. Outline clock high

    Outline clock


    Price on request
  3. Sett sofa

    Sett sofa


    Price on request
  4. Sett armchair

    Sett armchair


    Price on request
  5. Binit black

    Binit waste bin


    Price on request
  6. Outline table lamp
    Price on request
  7. Sett pouf

    Sett pouf


    Price on request
  8. Gispen Outline lamp

    Outline floor lamp


    Price on request

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