The perfect interior design demands time, focus & expertise

The perfect interior design demands time, focus & expertise

Phase of development

The decision to adopt a new interior design is not an easy one to make, many different factors are in play. Facility requirements, occupational health and safety standards and your working process affect your final decision. We will guide you in making these choices in the creation phase. A number of services are offered to you including working process scan, workshop office innovation and of course an interior advice and design.

Our philosophy: Life At Work


We believe that people thrive in an optimum working environment. Whether this is their working-, educational-, healthcare- or living environment, this notion applies to all. We create those optimum environments by following a phased working method, guiding you in the process from gaining inspiration to final completion. Your working process, means of learning or caring and living requirements are fundamental to achieving the final result: a pleasant and functional environment. Read the full story here. 

Interior advice and design

We are here to provide you with the necessary advice on interior design and create well thought-out designs. Considering all of your ergonomic, visual, facility and budgetary expectations. You will be presented with a detailed proposal, including all specifications and quotes. We always start with an initial sketch plan. The preliminary design follows at a later stage, before the final design is completed. During every stage of the design process, you will be presented with images, drawings, sample materials and specifications. This method will allow you and your colleagues to get an idea of what your future interior design will look like.

The graphic designer’s thoughts

I spend time discussing interior design with external clients and with colleagues in-house. Few words often suffice to understand each other. During the phase of development, a design literally takes form in my hands. However, nothing can match the moment of presenting a proposal to a client. 

‘I take the client on a visual journey into our world through lucid design'

Lisette van Veluw Graphic & Animation Designer Gispen

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Interior construction

Do you have a need for tailor-made solutions? Your desires translated into tailor-made elements that complete your working-, educational-, healthcare- or living environment? We will take care of the construction of your interior and assist you in creating smart and innovative solutions, as well as providing the design and the right materials. All details regarding tailor-made elements will be determined in close consultation. Recommendations regarding acoustics, wiring and ergonomics will also be offered. Our specialists will make sure this new section of your interior is fully in line with the existing layout. The result will be a new, ready to use, tailor-made interior design. Finished on time and within budget. Sustainability. We consider the lifecycle of a design– ensuring the longest possible lifespan – and the reusability of a product to be its most important starting points. This is something we consider right from the start, when entering into the manufacturing phase. Wherever possible we will make sure that our products are easy to dismantle at the end of their lifecycles and that different materials are easy to separate. Read more about Circular Economy.


U staat voor de uitdaging om een of meer ruimtes of zelfs een compleet pand opnieuw in te richten. Vaak is er al een harde datum bekend waarop alles gebruiksklaar moet zijn. Graag binnen de tijd en binnen budget en kwaliteitsverwachtingen. Wilt u kunnen vertrouwen op een goede oplevering en heeft u behoefte aan ondersteuning? Iemand die uw inrichtingstraject van begin tot eind plant en coördineert – van de verbouwing van de ruimte(s) tot en met de inhuizing van meubilair, inclusief zaken als lichtkwaliteit en kabelmanagement? Dan staan onze projectmanagers voor u klaar. Meer lezen over Projectmanagement.

The industrial designer’s thoughts

For many years now there’s nothing I have enjoyed more than to design or industrial production. Designing is in fact a form of consulting, but done visually. I design my products together with the client; that is the secret behind a successful industrial & functional product. Perfectly in line with the client’s wishes.


‘Designing is in fact a form of consulting, but done visually’

Peter de Boer Industrial Designer Gispen

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Working process scan & office innovation

The working process scan is a good starting point for a new interior design. The scan will provide insight into your organisation and working processes. We will analyse all factors which are of significance to your work, both internal and external.


The workshop office innovation creates a support base for innovation. You can ask your employees to come up with ideas for the new interior design by means of interactive meetings. We will discuss working methods, desired changes and the necessary steps to achieve these goals. The workshop’s goal is to come to a shared understanding of the role of the new accommodation, as well as the effect it has on the organisation.

The interior designer’s thoughts

A number of years ago I began to specialise in Change Management. I have learned that much can be gained in this field of expertise. Some employees struggle with change. We strive to help them settle again, ensuring they also share the renewed vision. 

‘During the course of the workshop you notice how people get convinced of how new ways of working support company objectives'

Marieke Kamperman Senior Interior Designer Gispen

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