We understand the maintenance and maintaining

We understand the maintenance and maintaining


Maintaining your office furnishing will keep it in shape. After all, intensive use demands regular inspection and continuous care. Gispen provides maintenance in the fields of technology, cleaning and ergonomics. Control over your workstations, chairs and cabinets. Instructions on cleaning upholstery, carpets and sunblinds. We also advise on how your interior can be adapted to meet current demands. Together we will put together a maintenance plan that suits your situation and your kind of use.

Furniture management

Every piece of Gispen furniture has its own unique number and bar code. These bar codes can be linked to different inventory systems, which will provide you with all sorts of information regarding your furniture (including warranty, maintenance, colour and model). Gispen can also take the whole inventory process out of your hands. We will take stock of your existing furniture and, if needed, add new products. Furthermore, whenever you make use of our moving service, we will also take stock of the new layout.

The mechanic’s thoughts

We are the final link in the chain. It takes some time before that truck arrives when you’re still in the first stages of a project. But when the time comes, commitments will be lived up to. Gispen as a partner, working together to achieve the best possible result. Who doesn’t search for that long lasting relationship? Gispen is like a warm blanket. And it has been for 30 years.

‘All the pieces of the puzzle fall into place during the installation of the furniture'

Anne Jan Stuij Head mechanic Gispen Contact me


Returning furniture might be necessary when you have a surplus of furniture. We offer various solutions which include storage, sales mediation, online auctions, selling off furniture to private workstation projects or swiping your interior clean with Gispen GreenLife. The proceeds depend on your choice. A safe and swift removal of the furniture is guaranteed. 

Allocation of workstations

Is your organisation subject to change? Is one of your departments moving to another floor for instance, or is your complete organisation moving into another building? In that case you want to have professional coordination and execution. Gispen can provide you with qualified movers who work according to a detailed moving plan. They will relocate your employees rapidly to allow operations to recommence quickly.