We understand the maintenance and maintaining

We understand the maintenance and maintaining


Dat laatste beetje extra dat uw organisatie nodig heeft. Maar wellicht pas later aan bod komt. Wij helpen u graag bij het optimaliseren van uw werk-, zorg- en onderwijsruimten. Om zo de meeste optimale omgeving te creëren die een positieve invloed heeft op uw mensen.

Advice on ergonomics

Gispen analyses people’s working posture and gives instructions on ergonomic use of workstations. You can make use of this service only once, right after delivery of the new furniture, or you can opt for the recurring health & safety training. Advice on ergonomics is for the benefit of your employees. We will assist them in making better use of adjustable tables, adjustable chairs and personal accessories, preventing physical complaints from incorrect use. 

The professional’s thoughts

Being inspired by an ergonomic advisor, is that possible? Should there be any doubt about the answer, then you haven’t met Patrick yet. A true expert who will eagerly and passionately tell you all about the importance of ergonomics in sitting right, working and working postures. An experience that will benefit you your entire (working) life.

‘Working without physical complaints, not having shoulder or neck pain; that is the power of ergonomics'

Goos Vollema Ergonomics consultant

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Cable management

Cable management in the office environment is essential for an efficient power and information provision. Cables and cords are usually installed when workstations are being placed and before workers start using them. Gispen ensures a safe and esthetical way of cable provision for workstations. The cabling service is available during realisation or later, when in use.

Gispen Coach

Wat is Gispen Coach? Een slimme applicatie die de medewerker helpt bij het bewuster worden van zijn werkhouding. Waarom Gispen Coach? Ter preventie van klachten door te lang werken in een bepaalde houding, of zelfs een verkeerde werkhouding. Wat is het? Een slimme applicatie die advies op maat geeft aan uw medewerkers. Lees meer over deze slimme applicatie.