Everything falls into place

Everything falls into place

Phase of realisation

You have selected your new furnishing concept or furniture layout. This is when we get to work! There is a lot to take care of in little time. Our experienced and knowledgeable project leaders will save you time and effort during this phase. The result: a brand new interior design completed in time and within budget.

Project management

We can take over project management if the process of moving on to a new interior design proves to be challenging. If your existing building will undergo a complete overhaul for instance, or if the furnishing of your new building demands undivided attention. Our project managers will manage all involved parties, oversee planning and budget and coordinate the phase of realisation. Keeping you in the loop the entire way. 

Installation and assembly

The installation and assembly of your new interior will be carried out by Gispen specialists. True craftsmen who are well informed about the layout of the workstations. Who are also aware of the fact that a well-functioning desk influences its user’s well-being. They take care of the installation of the complete environment in every designated room, ready for use (i.e. cleaned and free of dust) and in time. To ensure as little disturbance as possible, installation and assembly activities often take place outside office hours.

Cable management

Cable management in the office environment is essential for an efficient power and information provision. Cables and cords are usually installed when workstations are being placed and before workers start using them. Gispen ensures a safe and esthetical way of cable provision for workstations. The cabling service is available during realisation or later, when in use.

Rent or Lease

An interesting alternative to buying furniture is renting: delivery from stock. Renting can be interesting when your accommodation is temporary, or when your office environment goes through peak loads. There are many possibilities: from complete workstations to a large number of tables, cabinets or chairs. We will take care of your demands regarding ergonomics and facilities and provide a quick and professional installation as well. Do you want to keep close tabs on cost management? Then leasing is your solution. We will first enter into a lease agreement with a fixed term and a fixed monthly user fee, which will therefore be easy to budget. You will have a clear overview of your monthly office furnishing expenditures in advance. Spreading the costs while directly profiting from an optimum working environment.

The professional’s thoughts

Why only lease cars? It is a very common thing to lease your company cars. Knowing what you can expect regarding expenses, flexibility, comfort and maintenance. Our products’ sustainable value and application is our greatest strength. We offer you the same option for your interior design. We would be glad to present you with a constructive proposal that suits your exact requirements. 

‘When opting for a Gispen interior design, price is not the only important thing; the proceeds are what counts, which holds true for every good investment’

Anne Jan Stuij CFO Gispen Contact me

Interior construction

Do you have a need for tailor-made solutions? Your desires translated into tailor-made elements that complete your working-, educational-, healthcare- or living environment? We will take care of the construction of your interior and assist you in creating smart and innovative solutions, as well as providing the design and the right materials. All details regarding tailor-made elements will be determined in close consultation. Recommendations regarding acoustics, wiring and ergonomics will also be offered. Our specialists will make sure this new section of your interior is fully in line with the existing layout. The result will be a new, ready to use, tailor-made interior design. Finished on time and within budget. Sustainability. We consider the lifecycle of a design– ensuring the longest possible lifespan – and the reusability of a product to be its most important starting points. This is something we consider right from the start, when entering into the manufacturing phase. Wherever possible we will make sure that our products are easy to dismantle at the end of their lifecycles and that different materials are easy to separate. Read more about Circular Economy.