Cabling, for a professional and ergonomic workplace

Cabling, for a professional and ergonomic workplace

Cable management

Loose cords and cables around and under your workstation can greatly interfere with your activities. Our cable management optimises any workstation to a more practical, ergonomic and safe work area.

Gispen offers a wide range of cabling options giving your workstation or conference room that tidy look. No more untidy cords or loose cables. An ICT department that can work more efficiently. A tidy workstation will take the cleaners less time to clean. 

Bekabeling en abelmanagement voor werkplekken | Gispen

The mechanic’s thoughts

We are the final link in the chain. It takes some time before that truck arrives when you’re still in the first stages of a project. But when the time comes, commitments will be lived up to. Gispen as a partner, working together to achieve the best possible result. Who doesn’t search for that long lasting relationship? Gispen is like a warm blanket. And it has been for 30 years.

‘All the pieces of the puzzle fall into place during the installation of the furniture'

Sandy Romijn Head mechanic Gispen Contact me

Working method

Cable management in the office environment is essential for an efficient power and information provision. Cables and cords are usually installed when the workstations are placed and the users get to work. Gispen ensures a safe and esthetical way of cable provision for workstations.

The cable management service starts off by analysing the workstation, the furniture and your wishes.


• More freedom of movement
• Easier to clean
• Prevents technical errors
• An orderly workstation 

Kabelmanagement en bekabeling voor werkplekken | Gispen

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