Maximum flexibility for your organisation with minimum effort on your part

Maximum flexibility for your organisation with minimum effort on your part

Phase of use

Your new interior design is ready for use. We will give you and your employees advice on how to use your furniture best. Utilising your furniture in an optimal way will save you running costs. We understand that your demands for your furniture change simultaneously in time with your organisation. We will ensure maximum flexibility for your organisation, with minimum effort on your part.

Installation and assembly

The installation and assembly of your new interior will be carried out by Gispen specialists. True craftsmen who are well informed about the layout of the workstations. Who are also aware of the fact that a well-functioning desk influences its user’s well-being. They take care of the installation of the complete environment in every designated room, ready for use (i.e. cleaned and free of dust) and in time. To ensure as little disturbance as possible, installation and assembly activities often take place outside office hours.


Dankzij onderhoud houdt u uw kantoorinrichting in vorm. Zwaar gebruik vraagt immers om regelmatige inspectie en continue aandacht. Gispen verzorgt onderhoud op het gebied van techniek, schoonmaak en ergonomie. Controle op mechanieken van werkplekken, stoelen en kasten. Instructies over reiniging van bekleding, vloerbedekking en zonwering. En advies over de aanpassing van uw interieur aan de actuele normen. We stellen in overleg een onderhoudspakket samen dat is afgestemd op uw situatie en gebruik. 


You are probably used to ordering online in your private life. It’s fast and easy. Gispen is convinced that this will also become the norm in business in the future. We therefore offer you a user-friendly webshop, which allows you to place your orders easily and safely. Depending on the size of your organisation and the number of interested parties, we can also provide you with a client-specific webshop, which you can use to allocate financial budgets to your internal purchasers. By doing so you will be able to conveniently order online while having budgetary control. It is also possible to connect the webshop to your own procurement software. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Furniture management

Every piece of Gispen furniture has its own unique number and bar code. These bar codes can be linked to different inventory systems, which will provide you with all sorts of information regarding your furniture (including warranty, maintenance, colour and model). Gispen can also take the whole inventory process out of your hands. We will take stock of your existing furniture and, if needed, add new products. Furthermore, whenever you make use of our moving service, we will also take stock of the new layout.

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