Project furnishing

Project furnishing

Project furnishing

Gispen has been furnishing offices, , educational institutions and healthcare institutions for 100 years. Our starting point for doing so has been the furnishing philosophy of ‘Life at Work’, through which we methodically accomplish the development- and realisation phase of furnishings, as well as the accompanying maintenance- phase and phase of use. Gispen provides tailored solutions for office-, education- and health & welfare environments.


Do you have a need for tailor-made solutions? Your desires translated into tailor-made elements which complete your working-, educational-, healthcare- or living environment? To assist you in creating smart and innovative solutions, we will take care of the construction of your interior. We will provide the design and the right materials. All details regarding tailor-made elements will be determined in close consultation. We will also advise on acoustics, cabling and ergonomics. Our specialists will make sure that this new section of your interior is fully in line with your identity. The result will be a new, ready to use, tailor-made interior design. Finished on time and within budget.



We consider the lifecycle of a design– ensuring the longest possible lifespan – and the reusability of a product to be its most important starting points. This is something we take into account right from the start, while entering into the manufacturing phase. Wherever possible we will make sure that our products are easy to dismantle at the end of their lifecycles and that different materials are easy to separate. Read more about the Circular Economy.


Office furnishing

Gispen provides flexible and innovative office concepts for the new generation of employees. What suits your organisation? We will figure that out together. More information

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Education furnishing

A number of trends and developments within educational institutions have caught our attention. For instance, meeting one another has become more important as well as digitisation and personalisation. Time- and place independent studying is also on the rise. There has also been a shift from teaching to a mix of teaching and coaching. Want to be kept up to date at all times? Subscribe to our newsletter via the link in the footer at the bottom of this page and/or read more about it here.

Education projects

We have realised various projects in education, a few of which are illustrated below. Gispen focuses on secondary education up to and including academic education.

Health and well-being furnishing

Who wouldn’t want to give their patients and their visitors a place where they can feel at home, providing your employees with a pleasant working environment at the same time. Gispen is your partner when it comes to furnishing your health- or well-being institution. Whether it concerns new construction, refurbishment or replacement, we will always assist you in finding the best possible furnishing solution. Gispen helps you along from start to finish; from inspiration, creation and realisation up until management and revitalisation. More information can be found here.

Healthcare projects

We have realised various projects in health & well-being, a number of which are illustrated below. Gispen focuses on healthcare organisation for institutions such as hospitals, health centres and care hotels. An overview of all healthcare projects.