‘A fitting healthcare experience for all’

‘A fitting healthcare experience for all’

Outpatient clinics Amsterdam UMC, location AMC

At a university hospital such as Amsterdam UMC, patients often receive complex care. Over the course of 2017, all the reception areas of the outpatient clinics at AMC were renovated. The aim was to create an environment where everyone can feel at ease and where anxiety is reduced. Allowing patients and visitors to save as much energy as possible for that which is most important to them. Gispen created an interior design and furnishing which is fully in line with the wishes of the patients and staff members.

The client’s thoughts

‘We wanted to realise an urban-type reception area where everyone can feel at ease. However, we are still a hospital, not a coffee bar or a hotel. Gispen has created just the right atmosphere. One that is innovative, without being over the top. It was done professionally, and in a very short time frame – I would almost say non-AMC-like fast. The result is beautiful.’

Annamarike Seller-Boersma Nursing Director Amsterdam UMC, AMC

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A service concept with four districts

The outpatient clinics receive 350,000 patients for check-ups and minor procedures on an annual basis. There are over 20 specialisations offered. The AMC called in Buro Koos to design the service concept behind the new reception areas. An extensive preliminary study resulted in an innovative concept in which four districts are central. Each with their own atmosphere and facilities. Patients can choose which district they would like to stay in before they have their consultation. When you enter the building, you walk into the station. The place where you can check yourself in or register. From there you can walk straight into the coffee bar for a cup of coffee, a chat or to get some work done. Those who need some peace and quiet, can go to the park where they can find comfortable seats and an abundance of natural light and colours. At the library, patients can consult a staff member if they have any questions, but they can also find additional care-related information here. Gispen translated this concept into an interior design and layout for the reception areas. AAArchitects included this in their architectural drawings.

An intuitive interior design

It had to be apparent right away whether you are at the station, the coffee bar, park or library. The utilised products support the different atmospheres. For the station, we supplied a custom-made hostess furniture piece. A real coffee bar atmosphere is created by the wooden reading tables, which have an integrated magazine rack that can also be used to charge phones, tablets or laptops. Around the table you will find Nomi chairs and train benches. Above it, a lively blend of Thunderball and Gispen Ray lamps. We also installed Sett benches with higher bases, making it even easier for patients to get up. And what we could not leave out, is a custom wall with coffee machines and magazines. At the library, you will find custom library cabinets as well as the TM Doc, an organic table to which you can pull up a chair and converse.

The employee’s thoughts

‘We produced the interior design for three floors that include outpatient clinics. Each floor has a central station, coffee bar, park and library. It becomes clear right away which zone you find yourself in: the centre of it all is quite busy, but as you move towards the outer ring you will find more peace and quiet. Colours, materials, art and plants distinguish the different zones from one another, as well as the various seating options: from public reading tables to separate armchairs for those who need privacy.’

Nelleke Lagerwerf Interior architect at Gispen

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Interactive project team

A representative group of users – doctors, nurses, patients and visitors – shared their opinions with us during the preliminary phase of the project, but was also involved in the creation of the interior design and furnishing. Annamarike Seller-Boersma of AMC: ‘This is an important prerequisite for creating a work environment in which everyone feels at ease and where the best possible care can be provided. This leaves more room for personal attention and interaction with others.’



Peter van der Linden, account manager Healthcare at Gispen: ‘With a project like this, an entire organisation must go through a transition. In these times good support is essential. With an interactive project team from Gispen – from interior designer and graphic designer to project manager and sales – we developed the new concept in a very short time frame, up to and including detailed designs and custom orders. All in close coordination with the architect and the AMC project team. We held regular meetings, and kept short lines of communication through all stages of the project. It was great to have worked together so proactively.’



Photography: Chris van Koeverden

Lecture hall furnishing

Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, houses several lecture halls for educating doctors in training. One lecture hall has been completely renovated, based on the interior design by AAArchitects. Gispen furnished the interior in close cooperation with Mobelli - manufacturer and supplier of high-quality furniture. For the lecture hall, we opted for a traditional theatre setup, in which every attendant can see and hear the speaker clearly from a comfortable, upholstered folding chair with sufficient space around it. Accompanying folding tables are equipped with a power supply for tablets, laptops or phones.


In time, more lecture halls will be renovated. As more and more group learning takes place within education and in the learning environment of Amsterdam UMC, more flexible layouts are being considered. A Team Based Learning lecture hall, for example, where the chairs in the uneven rows can be turned around, so that people can work together in groups.



Lecture hall photos: AAArchitecten & Van der Kleij Photography

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