‘A warm welcome when entering this hospital full of hospitality’

‘A warm welcome when entering this hospital full of hospitality’

AZ Maria Hospital

The hospital was furnished according to the following philosophy: ‘With colourful, high-quality and contemporary concepts we shall redeem the care sector from its stigmatised and old-fashioned image. Hospitality, that is what it’s all about. Whenever you’re in a hospital, you must feel at ease. Using an interior design to evoke that feeling is what Gispen does best. Alternatively, efficient use of space was also very important to us.’

Feeling at ease in a hospital

We proposed to transform the offices into an open office landscape. AZ Maria Middelares still had a classic office layout at the old building. Its new building, however, was to have open office areas. This demands a completely different interior design and mindset. You must provide good acoustics, comfort and utilise the available space efficiently, but at the same time you must consider placement of consulting areas such as pleasant, accessible but secluded sitting areas. 


Individuality, quality & cheerfulness

The hospital restaurant, the hallways and waiting areas were given a fresh and sleek look. The furniture that was selected for the hospital radiates individuality, quality and cheerfulness. The restaurant is actually an extension of the office area and it was furnished in such a way that it not only serves as a dining area, but that it would also be appealing to hold a meeting there. Thus making sure that the area is always used to its full potential. You can pull up to a table for two, four, six or even twenty or take a seat on the terrace. 



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