‘Designed to take patient care to the patient instead of the other way round’

‘Designed to take patient care to the patient instead of the other way round’

Diakonessen Hospital Utrecht

The Diakonessen Hospital with its branches in Utrecht and Zeist applied the Planetree concept to its new construction projects; an innovative healthcare model in which people come first. The goal is to have a healthy organisation that provides better care to patients who feel at home in a healing environment. The architecture and interior design contributes to the general well-being of the patients, but also takes account of visitors, family and friends.   



The new Emergency Room in Utrecht is designed in such a way that patient care is taken to the patient instead of the other way round. There are 9 operating rooms, 14 surgeries – of which two specifically for children – and two trauma centres. The Walk-in Clinic has 8 surgeries at its disposal.                                                                                                 

The Intensive Care Unit offers a total of 13 beds and only has single rooms. The interior is open, well-ordered and patient-friendly, with as much comfort for the patients as possible. This also holds true for the nursing departments, where patients can occupy one of the 69 beds to recover after surgery.


Comfort and functionality

The Day Oncology Unit in Utrecht looks totally different to that of a conventional medical environment. All of the equipment has been stowed away where possible and the lighting is very subtle. There is also a fireplace in between the yellow lounge sofas.

The interior design is based on comfort and functionality. The lounge sofas have separate pillows so that patients on a drip have something to rest their arm on. The green wall is provided with a coat of ferrous paint and Leaves magnets on which people can leave a personal message. Privacy and freedom of choice have not been forgotten either. Net curtains transform public areas into personal zones. And there will always be a favourite amongst the eclectic mix of chairs around the reading table.  



Support team

All furniture logistics have been taken care of completely by our client-tailored services: Project management, temporary storage, assembly and delivery of temporary furniture are not a problem for us. We also give user instructions on site before new furniture is put to use, ensuring that optimally furnished rooms are used to their full potential. 

‘Renovations are done in stages to ensure that patient care can carry on as usual’

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Waiting terraces

Waiting terraces

The outpatient clinic in Zeist got rid of traditional waiting rooms. A warm atmosphere welcomes you at the entrance and the so-called waiting terraces. The hospital opted for one large central desk from where hostesses will show you the way. There is also a separate desk for each department of the outpatient clinic. 

The waiting terraces have been tastefully decorated with wall-sized photos of local forests and landscapes. The usual and uninteresting row of narrow chairs has been replaced with park benches, chairs with high seats for elderly patients and extra wide seats (taking increasing obesity into account). The area has also been provided with cheerful Zzzidt elements, Low Res Elephants and other playful products from the Design Collection.


Agile office furniture

The logistics of the hospital have been reviewed. As a result, physicians now make use of flexible IC workstations in one of over fifty consulting- and examination rooms, which are all similar in their interior design. The physicians now collect their patients themselves, office managers are responsible for the digital planning. The equipment-bound specialisations have their own examination rooms. Employees of the secretarial offices use fixed workstations.  


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