From fixed to flexible working

From fixed to flexible working

Municipality of Amsterdam, Department of Spatial Planning

The Department of Spatial Planning of the Municipality of Amsterdam opted for an activity-related work environment. From a fixed to a flexible working method. And everyone participates. Gispen managed the transition and supplied the new furniture.  

Multiple storeys, various zones

The Department of Spatial Planning develops new spatial visions and designs urban development plans for the Municipality of Amsterdam. Moving from the Jodenbreestraat to the Weesperplein resulted in less office space. At the same time, a flexible activity-related work environment was implemented. Employees entering one of the four floors will simply find a zone that suits the task at hand.   


Plenty of room for discussion 

There is plenty of room for discussion. The Gispen IC conference tables are so popular that it is a come and go of consultants, policy officers, designers, developers and civil servants from the municipality and province. The height adjustable maquette table is also a popular attraction. Depending on the dynamics of those present, one can choose to stand or sit while assessing scaled-down designs.  


Some peace and quiet

When visiting one of the quiet zones, you will experience the peace and quiet of a homely living room. Such areas have also been created at the offices. These areas really benefit from the Gispen TM dual workstations. The Eco felt dividing screens provide visual and acoustic serenity, with employees still being able to communicate with each other. The tabletops can go up and down which makes it easy to adapt to personal preference.  


The power of tailored solutions

Another project where we could really show what tailored solutions can do. We created special drawing tables, windowsills and locker cabinets in consultation with architectural firm Hofman Dujardin. Whether you sit on a comfortable sofa or in a train comaprtment-like setup; looking out over their own designs enforces the group dynamics within the Department of Spatial Planning.



The transition from a fixed to a flexible working method seems to be working out. It is cost-saving and brings positivity to the office floor. There is more interaction, more communication and – very important – more inspiration.


Photography: Horizon Photoworks | Architect: Fokkema & Partners

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