Healthy variation in a natural, flexible work environment

Healthy variation in a natural, flexible work environment

About circular project GGD Brabant

The GGD organisation focuses on the well-being of people. It takes preventive action, assists people in living a healthy life and acts when there is a situation, such as an accident or disaster. The new office of GGD Brabant ZO at the Witte Dame in Eindhoven can house all of its employees. This is also where clients and partners are received in a pleasant environment.    

Sustainability comes first

Sustainability is important to the GGD. This is why they, for instance, chose to occupy an existing building when they moved. Sustainability was also the reason why the GGD opted for Gispen products. At the same time, they switched over to The New Way of Working to make more efficient use of the available office space. Working time- and place independently instead of fixed desks and working hours. Employees simply find a zone that suits their current activity best: focused working, working together, holding a meeting, receiving clients.


Pleasant, natural environment

In the vison of I’M architects, sustainability also includes the well-being of the employees. And a good work environment certainly contributes to that. We therefore opted for a concept in the form of a pleasant, natural environment. Long rows of workstations have made way for a place for everyone in the office landscape. The office area varies from an open to a more closed environment. The colours and soft materials of the interior provide a nice contrast to the industrial look of the building. 


Custom U-shape

Ellen Dual Lounge with its coloured back wall and pillows is ideal for working together with colleagues. This striking workstation is perfect for discussing things or brainstorming ideas. Ellen Lounge is also easy to adjust to personal preference due to the slidable and electric height-adjustable top. At the request of the architect, we developed a special U-shaped version of the lounge for more private sessions.


In need of some privacy? 

Employees can occupy the so-called Cockpit if they require a bit more privacy for, for instance, a personal meeting or if they simply want to concentrate. Gispen supplied custom-made CubiC desks that are easy to adjust. The glass wall ensures that the occupants do not lose contact with the rest of the office. The sides of the CubiC are its most distinctive feature, extending all the way down to the floor. Besides the fact that the design adds to the feeling of tranquillity, this is also a great way to tuck away any wiring. On top of that, the perforated steel improves the acoustics of the room. The desks are also a great match with the accompanying SDK sliding door cabinets.



Photography: Joost Duppen



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