‘A furnishing that contributes to the best possible care’

‘A furnishing that contributes to the best possible care’

Logistical services

HagaZiekenhuis continues to turn to Gispen. New solutions intended for the hospital are tested thoroughly via test setups. Whenever we decide to implement a new or renewed concept, we make sure that the burden for the patients, employees and visitors is kept to a minimum. We work according to a phased approach, where Gispen takes over all logistic operations that have to do with the furnishing and moving of furniture. This includes temporary storage, assembly and delivery of furniture for intermediate use. Paying extra attention to hygienic requirements throughout the project.


Flexible working, responsibly

The employees of the HagaZiekenhuis have switched over to flexible working. While doing so, they need to be able to access digital medical files. The medical staff can consult patient data at bedside via the rollable computers and accompanying furniture. Whenever they want to update files, they simply pull up to the adjustable IC- and TM desks. The workstations are easy to adjust to personal preferences. We have also provided personal user instructions to encourage optimal and responsible use. 

The client’s thoughts

‘Nearly all of our furniture for the work- and waiting areas comes from Gispen. The biggest advantage: I only talk to one supplier, who takes care of everything for us. If something is not right with, for instance, the stitching of one of the sofas, I simply call my contact at Gispen and it is taken care of. That saves time. Being accommodating and client-focused – that is what Gispen does best and why we have been working together for years.’ 

‘Gispen is a partner who makes decisions and really brings something to the table! Pleasant to work with, professional guidance and good advice.’

Irene Reiziger Project Manager Accommodation & Furnishing

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Time to reflect

Gispen furnished the living rooms, consultation rooms, patient examination rooms, waiting areas and boardrooms. Doctors, nurses and specialists also need good consultation areas. We created pleasant areas where they can sit down in comfortable conference chairs at IC conference tables. The central data system ensures that they can access all of their digital information from here as well. 



Circular solutions 

The waiting areas and patient rooms of the HagaZiekenhuis are characterised by the grand cafe-like setups with specially designed wooden coupé sofas. When they needed to be replaced, we assisted the hospital in coming up with a sustainable and circular solution. The sofas have been totally refurbished: Stamskin seat covers – artificial leather covers, in the various colours of the HagaZiekenhuis – give the wooden seats a new and fresh look. The covers meet important hygienic standards and are urine- and blood-proof. Thanks to this sustainable solution the old traverses are now ready for another decade of use. 



Photography: Chris van Koeverden

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