Vintage feel in brand-new building

Vintage feel in brand-new building

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Ligne, a brand-new building in the centre of Sittard, is one of the locations of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. From lecture hall to classroom, from consultation area to library; Gispen created an innovative learning environment in which exchanging knowledge and experiences is key. What stands out is the vintage feel of it all, which is something that the university was after. 


The gathering place of Sittard

In September 2016, approximately 3,500 students and nearly 400 employees moved to the new location, including six programmes, a master’s studies and seven lectureships. Apart from the university, Ligne also houses a museum, cinema, library and sheltered accommodation of the Daelzicht care institution. Gispen was assigned to create a unique and dynamic (learning)environment. Keeping in mind that the users of Ligne not only share the building, but potentially work together as well. Ligne had to become a place where there are no boundaries for students, teachers, lecturers, civilians and companies to meet one another.


Tailored solutions

Gispen was asked to furnish the entire building. From the library to the classrooms and lecture hall, from consulting rooms and workstations to the juice bar and restaurant. This included both separate pieces of furniture and lighting, up to and including professional cable management. We went all the way in making sure that the interior matched the remarkable designs of the architect collective of deMunnik-deJong-Steinhauser. Designs that required both interior construction contractor Gielissen and Gispen to come up with many tailored solutions.

The architect’s thoughts

‘Creating coherence in everything was our main goal. The project involved quite a large building complex. We wanted an interior that followed a similar design throughout the building. And if you ask me, we certainly succeeded in doing so together with Gispen. Gispen has managed to flawlessly match the furnishing with our intricate designs. We quickly agreed on matters such as colour matching, finishes and fabrics. On top of that, Gispen always knew how to keep everything in this large project orderly and manageable.’   

‘We quickly got on the same page. That really shows in the final result.’

Gertjan de Jong (on the right) Architect at architect collective deMunnik-deJong-Steinhauser

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Vintage adventure

The public areas offer a great many places where people can meet, and can also be considered the beating heart of the campus. These areas can be recognised instantly due to the contrasting floor- and wall finishes. By applying second-hand furniture in a circular way, we created a homely and vintage atmosphere. Mieke Hogenboom, Business Manager at Gispen: ‘The interior design consists partly of reused furniture from FabriekNL, which we had reupholstered in the architect’s colour schemes. An exciting adventure that really suits this day and age and which is fully in line with the ambitions of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and the architects.’


Unique, lively atmosphere

Gertjan de Jong, architect at architect collective deMunnik-deJong-Steinhauser: ‘We wanted to bring the newly constructed building to life. Together with Gispen, we spent days looking in second-hand furniture warehouses and finally managed to make a careful selection of furniture.’ Besides the reused furniture, there are many Gispen Classics to be found in the building, including the Gispen 101 en Gispen 201 – the tubular frame chair with and without armrests. The result is a building with its own unique atmosphere where students can work on their assignments together and where students, teachers and other employees can discuss things in harmony. 

Classrooms and workstations

The classrooms of Ligne are not what you would call standard. We put great effort in the school furniture and we deliberately opted for a variation of tabletops. The large lecture hall has been provided with a Mobelli college setup. In the office area, we installed various Gispen CubiC 50 setups. Furniture from the Gispen TM-series is also a regular sight. At the request of the client, we created one-off specials in the form of client-specific tabletop sizes and material applications, as well as special frames in vintage colours. 



The library is a story of its own. The Zuyd library and the city library (De Domijnen) have been integrated into one. There are reading tables and quiet work zones to be found in the midst of all the books and magazines. Gispen was not only asked to supply the furniture and lighting, it was also given the task to design custom bookshelves.  

Image: Dols Fotografie


The client’s thoughts

‘When we started this project, we asked multiple parties to present their ideas to us, including people working behind the scenes. After seeing Gispen’s presentation, we were convinced. You could feel their involvement right away and they formed a real team. The fact that the tender consisted partly of vintage furniture, proved to be too big of a challenge for many parties. But not for Gispen, who has been a very flexible and solution-oriented partner in all aspects. A team of three – client, architect and furnisher – has achieved a fantastic result.'   

‘Gispen’s qualities: their commitment and flexible and solution-oriented suggestions’

Frans Derksen Project consultant Ligne interior

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