‘The furnishing was designed around the needs of the patient’

‘The furnishing was designed around the needs of the patient’

Jeroen Bosch Hospital

The Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch chose Gispen as its interior partner after an extensive selection procedure. The patient always comes first at this hospital. Indeed these were Gispen’s instructions: create a pleasant environment where our patients – and their visitors – can feel at home and where the hospital staff can work with joy and efficiency.

Flexible working concept

The hospital switched over to a flexible working concept. Instead of having fixed workstations, they now have an open work area that can be used by multiple employees at the same time. This calls for well-thought-out, acoustic solutions. We incorporated fiberflex into the sliding doors of cabinets, for example. We also installed acoustic dividing screens in between workstations for those who need to concentrate on their work for a while. 


We created workstations for temporary use for the medical staff. These workstations are designed to enhance the efficiency of short activities. The medical staff can log in directly to process e-mail or to look up patient details. Gispen also furnished the back office, where we installed TM desks and dual workstations, Meta tambour door cabinets and drawer units and IC conference furniture.    



We designed special TM workstations for the clinics. These are used by different specialists and have therefore been equipped with a crank handle to manually adjust to a desired working height. We also paid extra attention to wiring solutions and the integration of monitor arms. Patients can easily pull up to the table. Important: all working areas are easy to clean thoroughly after use. We applied this concept to a total of 350 clinic areas.

The client’s thoughts

Gispen has been our trusted interior partner for years now. They always help us to come up with the right solutions and have been our furniture supplier for new construction since 2011. From electric height adjustable flex workstations in our Knowledge Centre to the furniture in our clinic consultation rooms. When I think of Gispen I think of professionalism, flexibility and quality. Even now that our new building has been put into use, Gispen is still very much involved and fully committed, which shows when we put in repeat orders, for instance.

‘When I think of Gispen I think of professionalism, flexibility and quality’

Corine Wilbrink Senior procurement officer, Jeroen Bosch Hospital

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Patient-friendly and comfortable

The family of patients who are in critical condition can stay in one of the fifty family rooms that are available at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital. These rooms offer the family as much comfort as possible in already difficult times. We specially designed a sofa bed for this very purpose. Patient-friendliness and comfort were also important starting points for rooms such as the chapel, the waiting areas for patients and visitors and staff catering facilities.


Photography: Chris van Koeverden

The architect’s thoughts

We take furnishing with Care very seriously. And we do it together with you. Your healthcare institution, your working process and your environment is where it all begins. When we add our many years of experience and expertise to that, we can come up with the best possible working environment for your employees together. At the same time providing your patients – and their visitors – with a place where they feel at home.

‘Each healthcare project is different, but there is one thing that connects them all: people always come first’

Nelleke Lagerwerf Interior Architect Gispen

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