‘Holding meetings in Africa, skyping in North America or focused working in Asia’

‘Holding meetings in Africa, skyping in North America or focused working in Asia’

About circular project KLM Amsterdam

In not even ten months’ time, a completely new working method was introduced to the employees of KLM ICT: WorkingConsciously. Working together and working differently are key elements here. The employees must be excited about going to their office jobs in order to successfully implement this new way of working, which is a real necessity in our rapidly changing world. 

Choosing where to work

The interior was designed by I’M Architects and inspired by the world of KLM. The employees simply find a zone that best suits their task at hand. Each work area is different when it comes to privacy and quietness, for the employee but also for the environment. The options include a standard desk, a workstation for focused working in a closed off space or a lounge area with a view outside. 

Apart from the standard layout, the different styles of the seven continents are depicted throughout fifteen areas which are all different in colour, materials and atmosphere. The Ellen lounge workstations, the SDK sliding door cabinets and the CubiC desks come in various colours, matching the continents such as pink for South America, brown for Africa and ice blue for Antarctica.


Interactive workstation

The Ellen 2 Lounges contribute to a relaxing atmosphere in a part of the office where multiple activities take place at once. The sound absorbing materials that have been incorporated into the lounge unit contribute to good acoustics, ensuring that one can work in peace without losing touch with their environment.  

The environment offers opportunity for focused working but is also a place where people can interact and work or discuss things together. 

The client’s thoughts

The workbar reminds me a bit of a hangar. It is just like sitting in between aeroplanes. Inspiring. KLM wants its employees to keep working for as long, as healthy and with as much joy as possible. The company therefore focuses on their health and development, and the new interior is a good representation of that.

‘KLM wants to offer its employees the best possible work environment so that they can keep on working for as long, as healthy and with as much joy as possible’

Management KLM ICT

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Office quiet zone

The office quiet zone, where employees can work in silence, is separated from the rest of the office by means of glass walls. This area can also be used for bilateral consultation or working together. Rollable stools are present for the second person occupying the room, pulling up to the table real quick is no problem.  

‘The cockpit windows guide natural light into the office’


A get-together

The workbar on the ground floor is the beating heart of the building where employees, clients and supplier get together.

Informal meetings can take place at one of many spaces in the open office area, pulling up to a high table or slumping down into an Ellen Lounge. 

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