‘Where tradition meets innovation’

‘Where tradition meets innovation’

About circular project Royal Dutch Gazelle

Royal Dutch Gazelle has a rich past. Ever since the Gazelle bicycle factory was founded in Dieren in 1892, it has been a familiar sight for those who live there. Gazelle is now the largest bicycle manufacturer in the Netherlands. Their Innovation & Production Center opened in 2015, fully rebuilt and renovated. Gispen supplied the furniture, all of which durable and including a number of tailored solutions that combine the old with the new in a remarkable way.  

Rich history

The Gazelle factory in Dieren has been overhauled and expanded many times over the years. This resulted in a mismatch of layouts, with all kinds of furniture from multiple eras. Gazelle was ready for unity and innovation. They set out to transform the Innovation & Production Center, which is actually an industrial heritage building, into a place of absolute modernity, but in a way that does justice to their rich past. A great challenge for the architects of Bronsvoort Blaak Architects, who were responsible for the new interior and exterior of the building. They asked Gispen to come up with a unique interior design.    


Beautiful, tough and timeless

The partnership between the architects and Gispen has led to an impressive final result. We took the client’s core values of beautiful, tough and timeless and added a selection of furniture elements to form a concept. We placed Gispen 412 tubular frame chairs in the consultating rooms; true classics with an industrial but friendly look. Complete with Bakelite armrests and Manchester upholstery. We installed Dukdalf tables in the conference rooms – a distinctive conference table with one table leg, typical Dutch design. Dukdalf side tables were also installed in the work booths. 

The architect’s thoughts

It was great to see how the Gazelle project has challenged and inspired Gispen to create a unique interior design for the most modern bicycle factory in the world. The furniture is state-of-the-art and ties in perfectly with the romance of the historic Gazelle building.  

‘Successful hunt for furniture that unites the old with the new’

Henk Geert Blaak Interior Architect at Bronsvoort Blaak Architects

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Paying attention to ergonomics

Every workstation in the building has sit/stand functionality and fully-electric height adjustability. Administrative assistant, engineer or designer; they can all apply their own favourite working methods – and do so responsibly at the same time. Such as working while standing, in case you want your colleagues to have a look at that new bicycle design. In addition, all other desk- and conference chairs meet the most demanding of ergonomic requirements.     


Tailored solutions with 30s design

Gispen has implemented various tailored solutions. The solution applied at the conference rooms on the ground floor is truly remarkable; we added a non-standard top layer of Furniture Linoleum from Forbo to the tables. The tables were finished with a brushed stainless edge, giving them that iconic 30s design which is also present at the entrance of the building. The use of colour at the new Innovation & Production Center is subtle. Most walls are taupe and the perforated Gispen sliding door cabinets are white. This adds serenity and homeliness to an already dynamic place.    

Photography: Chris van Koeverden

The client’s thoughts

‘Our employees really feel at home on the new state-of-the-art factory floor. Not very surprising given the amount of effort that has gone into the interior design; durable furniture that combines well with the historic Gazelle factory and above all, is easy to use.’

‘An enjoyable workplace with durable and ergonomic furniture’


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