‘Interior design head office Chinese computer retail giant: reaching unprecedented levels’

‘Interior design head office Chinese computer retail giant: reaching unprecedented levels’

About circular project Lenovo

Lenovo in China is the world’s largest computer manufacturer. The tech giant asked Gispen to furnish the new head office in Beijing. Versatility was essential, both in design and logistics. Moreover, Lenovo was open to new ideas. Just the kind of project where Gispen is at its best.


Lenovo used to operate from multiple buildings in Beijing. The computer manufacturer wanted to reduce this to two new, large head offices. However, they could not do this on their own so they searched for a supplier/advisor for the complete office furnishing. Dimensions that are unprecedented when compared to Dutch standards: a surface area of approximately 400,000 m2 and nearly 14,000 employees expected to be working there by the end of 2017. 

Extensive preselection

In early 2015, we participated in an extensive preselection with 16 competitors which included a written proposal and various trial setups. Having had many discussions, presentations of various trial setups and a look behind the scenes of the Gispen factory in Shanghai, Gispen eventually managed to stand out among the competition. Lenovo chose Gispen China.


Why Gispen?

Lenovo not only opted for the best price, it also wanted to give its employees an inspiring work environment. And Lenovo was also open to new ideas. We of course took the programme of requirements of Lenovo as our starting point, but we also deliberately presented a number of furnishing alternatives. Lenovo really appreciated that resourcefulness, with which we managed to solve a number of issues right away. Additionally, the major requirement of sustainability in design and production was met. Flexibility was also of great importance: not only in terms of the furniture, but in logistics as well.


Logistical challenge

At first, Gispen was given the task of supplying 4,200 workstations. Lounge areas and conference furnishings were soon added to that. In September 2015, phase 1 was completed and the first groups of employees started working at the new building. A logistical challenge: Gispen had less than two months’ time to furnish the entire building. However, we already knew about the vast numbers beforehand so we took this into account when we designed the furniture. It all had to be suited for swift transport and assembly on site. By now, over 5,600 workstations have been delivered.  

Tailored solutions based on existing products

Approximately 90% of the furniture that was installed at the new head office of Lenovo comes from the Gispen IC series. A number of client-specific customisations were made in consultation with Lenovo. The extendable tabletops, for instance, with reliable technology derived from other product lines. We also came up with a smart cabling solution which is fully in line with the infrastructure of the building.  


Sleek design with colour accents

Lenovo wanted a sleek design. which can be traced back to the furniture but also to the building itself. To create this sleek look, Gispen worked together with architects from M Moser Associates. The IC furniture has the straight lines and rectangular surfaces that were sought after. In addition, we applied subtle colour accents to the dividing screens in between workstations. Each storey has its own colour scheme which represents a specific continent. The final result is understated – an open space with one hundred and fifty employees in it should not be too distracting.

Products included in this project