New education concept for school of secondary education in brand-new building

New education concept for school of secondary education in brand-new building


Lingecollege has introduced a new educational concept for its mid-level secondary education programme (MAVO) at a brand-new building i Tiel, Netherlands. The design and layout of the energy-neutral building have been tailored to the new teaching method. It was up to Gispen to finetune and further define the product and layout proposal of Projectum Inrichtingen BV. “The furniture subtly supports the new learning and educational concept for the theoretical learning path.”

Separating practical training from theoretical learning path

Lingecollege provides all levels of secondary education across various buildings within the municipality of Tiel. From mid-level secondary education (VMBO) and an international class to high-level secondary education (lyceum) and the so-called ‘technasium’. Lingecollege wanted to incorporate a new educational concept into its VMBO programme: separating practical training from the theoretical learning path. This concept has already been put into practice by the MAVO programme,  which set off in a new building from the start of the academic year 2019. According to team manager Ben Tutert, the design and layout of the building contribute to personal learning: “A small school where everybody knows everybody and where every individual is seen for who they are.” This is done figuratively, but also literally through the transparent design; looking down upon the auditorium from the first floor, for example, or looking through the many glass windows. Ben: “You can look directly into the teachers’ lounge. And vice versa.”

The employee’s thoughts

This project was truly realised in collaboration with the client. The discussions were very open, making it easier for us to give constructive advice on the project. My advice included: provide the students with enough space and test the interior design in practice. If, for example, it becomes clear that the students do not require as much space to move and walk around the lockers, you can always order additional furniture later on. This is exactly what happened recently.

Sabine van den Berg Gispen account manager

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A more spacious design

Gispen finetuned the furnishing concept at the request of the client. “We altered a number of things. Had we followed the design, the tables would have been too close to the lockers. This is exactly where students tend to linger around, so therefore I suggested to create a little more space around the tables. The oval tables took up too much space as well. We solved this by building custom oval tables around the pillars. This is also where we installed modular, oval TM tables. This way we managed to establish the same number of seats within the available space and at the same time leave enough room for people to move freely.’' Gispen also recommended to add more power sockets. These have been neatly incorporated into the baseboards. “Laptops are an important tool within this type of education. Therefore, students must always be able to charge their devices.”

Open learning environments

The learning environments on the first and second floors are where students study and work on their homework and projects in an open space. The benefit of such an environment is that when students have questions, they can simply ask their peers; this is where students of all levels and academic years come together to work on their assignments. If needed, they can direct their questions to teachers that are present in the area or to employees at the service desk. Sabine: “These reception desks were custom-made. We furnished the learning environments with UT tables, Meta cabinets and coach seats combined with TM tables. The result is a furniture selection that supports the new learning and teaching concept of the Lingecollege in an effective but subtle way.”


Design: Projectum Inrichten BV
Designer: Yuveynov Janga


Photography: Roofer

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