Colourful and vibrant

Colourful and vibrant

Merem treatment centre

Gispen created a colourful and vibrant environment for the patients, specialists and caretakers of the Heideheuvel treatment centre in Hilversum. From waiting areas to living rooms. An environment where you feel at home right away.

A great place for patients

Heideheuvel treatment centre is a specialist medical centre for children, adolescents and adults who suffer from forms of asthma that are difficult to treat and other chronic lung diseases. Severely obese children and adolescents are also treated here. The specialists and caretakers of Heideheuvel teach them how to cope with their diseases and live a healthier and happier life while doing so. Putting people at ease. Providing them with insight and motivating them. But most of all, cheering them up. And that is where the physical environment comes in. 


Waiting in the living room

The waiting rooms of Heideheivel are full of colour. This is where visitors encounter an oasis of colours including purple, mint green and aqua blue. Prominent oak tables not only offer a great many seats, they also contribute to that living room experience. The eyecatchers of the place are the elephant-shaped wall lamps, the wardrobe stands, the coupé sofas and the landscape art. Both children and adults quickly feel at ease here.  


Relaxing and comfortable

Long-stay patients of the Heideheivel treatment centre can make use of the communal living rooms. This is where they can take a seat in one of the custom-made Gispen chairs and read, work on a computer, relax or have a conversation. There is no shortage of comfort here. The living rooms are also used for information- and knowledge transfer sessions.


Consulting rooms

The consulting rooms are mostly functional, but also have a cheerful look to them. Meetings are held at grey Gispen TM desks. What really stands out are the doors with their colourful designs.  


Photography: Chris van Koeverden



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