Creative interior for creative community

Creative interior for creative community

About Circular Project SintLucas

SintLucas in Boxtel, also referred to as the ‘creative community’, wanted an interior that encourages students to work together and study. An interior that is in line with its core values: headstrong, proud, professional and committed. Gispen produced an interior design that does justice to the creative talent at this educational institution. Fully in tune with the school’s identity.

From passion to product

When combined, the buildings of SintLucas house approximately 3,200 creative students. They follow various creative/technical/entrepreneurial programmes at pre-vocational and vocational level. From craftsman to game developer and from product designer to event manager. The 220 lecturers teach the students how to translate their passion and enthusiasm into products that deserve to be shown to the world.


Activity determines location

When the students get to work, they simply choose a room that suits their activity. There are classrooms for studying, group activities and 3D environments. All provided with the same black and white colour scheme, to which distinctive colour accents have been added randomly. We combined snow-white tables from the Gispen UT collection with black Air chairs, for example. The same contrast can also be found in the black and white pendant lamps. Colour accents have been beautifully incorporated into the Aestic cabinets, which were specially designed for SintLucas.



The purple coupe-style benches are true eye-catchers, which are centrally positioned between the stairs that lead up to the rooms situated above. The students are enthusiastic about the benches. They often use them to work on projects together, but also to work on individual assignments – the grey dividing screens allow them to work in peace.


New purpose for old furniture

This project is special in the sense that the old furniture has been given a new purpose. Old tables and chairs went to the Go for Africa foundation, which is building a new school in Senegal. Some SintLucas students have even put some work in for the foundation, as they have done for Gispen; the pictures shown on this webpage were taken by Tim, Nina, Lieke, Romy and Pleunie.

Inspiring products