Fontys University of Applied Sciences, ICT Innovation Lab

Fontys University of Applied Sciences, ICT Innovation Lab

Fontys University of Applied Sciences, ICT Innovation Lab

The Fontys ICT institute is relocating in the near future. Educational methods are changing. In the future, students will be working increasingly in project-based groups in which they explore certain topics. These project groups require activity-oriented housing. This new study method will transpire in the so-called OILs (Open ICT Labs). These are large open spaces in which some 150 students collaborate in small groups. These labs encourage the students to work together closely. The primary objective is to have students interact and learn from one another, and this space should facilitate this. The environment should also be open-plan and flexible in its layout, allowing different activities to take place during the day. Traditional classroom teaching will no longer take place here; the teacher will take on the role of a coach who mingles with the students in a learning environment.


A pilot environment was designed at the current building in collaboration with a number of work groups. Gispen supplied the furniture for the project. The environment is open-plan and is designed to be flexible in use. The space had to be a facilitator, not an obstructer. The interior design is mainly geared towards creating a peaceful, pleasant and homely atmosphere. In addition, facilities have been provided to create quiet zones: a silent room with architectural walls, for example, or the rollable room dividers – which contribute to the acoustics of the room – as well as two curtains that can be drawn around large tables, creating privacy for project groups.


Concept: Wonderful Day Design


Photography: Chris van Koeverden for Gispen

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