'We are very satisfied with everything that Gispen has provided'

'We are very satisfied with everything that Gispen has provided'

About circular project Rabobank Alblasserwaard

Rabobank Alblasserwaard North and East in Gorinchem has opened the office of the future. The brand-new building is the perfect example of innovation, sustainability and functionality. The interior is fully in line with the concept of The New Way of Working and features various ‘smart’ solutions. 


How we brought together everyone’s wishes


Ellen Lounge workstations have been placed for short consulting sessions, working in teams or to quickly check your mail or go through documents. All cabling has been organised simultaneously with the placing of all Ellen Lounge workstations. All employees received elaborate instructions in the first period of putting the furniture into use in order to encourage optimum and responsible usage.


The Customer Service Center benefits from well-arranged acoustics without furniture obstructing  collaboration. Desk tables from the CubiC-programme with perforated walls and acoustic fitment cushions are placed for this very reason. All workstations can be adjusted to the individual wishes and requirements of the user.

Privacy and concentration

Activities that demand privacy and concentration ask for an interior that supports such a situation. Employees can use concentration offices for intensive activities. The consulting rooms offer the consultants the opportunity to have confidential conversations with clients in a comfortable manner.

However, openness is still one of the Rabobank’s core values. Therefore, glass walls have been placed to be able to stay in contact with the surrounding area.

Multi-functional furnishing

The furnishing of the auditorium, company restaurant, instruction room and consulting rooms should be easy to change. Rollaway drop-leaf tables and stackable chairs are used for this purpose, which allows for an easy change of use or activity.   

Products included in this project