‘This new working method allows us to serve our clients better’

‘This new working method allows us to serve our clients better’

Circular Project Rabobank Graafschap Central Doetinchem

Rabobank Doetinchem has also switched over to The New Way of Working. The employees no longer have fixed workstations and they adapt their schedules to those of their clients. The visitors of this office are mostly private banking and large corporate clients, who mostly stop by for appointments with banking consultants. This office now also houses all the employees of the back office, who used to operate from 4 different locations across Doetinchem.

Moving into the new building was the perfect time to switch working methods. The organisation has become more flexible because of it. The employees make more hours when it is busy at the office, but can also go home early when this is not the case. Rabobank is happy with the result: “This new working method allows us to serve our clients better. And that is what it’s all about.”


The client’s thoughts

‘Gispen has outdone itself with the furnishing of this office. But they did not stop there. As advisors they thought along with us, showed that they know their business and kept to all of the agreements. It is in the details that you notice the difference. Workstations, office chairs, coffee tables and benches were not simply delivered, they were installed in their designated places with the greatest care.’ 

‘Gispen thinks along with us, knows its business and sticks to their agreements. The people at Gispen really know what they’re doing.’

Dick Lubbers Facility Specialist Rabobank Graafschap-Midden

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