'New function and form for existing bank building'

'New function and form for existing bank building'

About circular project Rabobank Venlo

The banking sector has changed drastically due to the fact that banking has become more and more of an online affair. Offices are now fulfilling a different function. Rabobank’s new building in Venlo responds to this development. The Adviescentrum (consulting center), furnished in collaboration with I’M architects, offers a pleasant environment to visitors where advisory consultations on housing, entrepreneurship and private banking can be held.

Lounge workstations

Placed up against the glass façade, several Ellen Lounge workstations offer space to one or two persons. A great place for employees to work on a client file or to hold a small meeting, in peace but without losing touch with the rest of the office. The tabletop of the Ellen Lounge workstations is easily adjusted in height and is provided with a power source and data connection to ensure a comfortable work area for all.

CubiC 80

CubiC 80 is the desk programme that has been applied here. The snow-white tables are equipped with robust wall legs and height adjustable tops. Employees can briefly log in to check their mail or stay seated a little longer to address a client, for example. The matching cabinets from the SDK-programme offer a place to store files, but also contribute to the acoustics of the room due to the sound suppression characteristics of the doors.


Colourful auditorium

The auditorium is a real eye-catcher, which is mainly due to the colourful furniture. The area is used for presentations and information gatherings. The environment allows Rabobank to receive its clients and business relations in a comfortable manner. The space is provided with the latest audio-visual technology and the lighting can be adapted to any theme.

Photography: Dick Holthuis

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