Pleasant and stimulating environment

Pleasant and stimulating environment

About Circular Project Reeshof College

A new school needs a new building. This wish came true for Reeshof College when their new building at the Warmondstraat in Tilburg opened. The striking building offers an open, pleasant and stimulating place for students and teachers to spend time in. The interior, Gispen’s contribution, is just as impressive.

Reeshof College has sprung from a collaboration between Openbaar Voortgezet Onderwijs Tilburg and Onderwijsgroep Tilburg. The methodology of this pre-vocational school is unique; students are given more time to choose between a series of secondary education programmes.

Gispen furnished various rooms of the institution while adopting the vision of architectural firm Bo.2. Our close collaboration allowed us to furnish the new building within a short period of time.

Living room setting

Central void

When entering the building the central void instantly stands out. The well-lit elongated space forms the beating heart of the school. It is from here that students have access to four learning environments: People & Nature, People & Creativity, People & Society and the generic subjects. The connecting galleries and catwalks allow people to connect with each other and their environment. This design also allows the students to easily experience the different educational fields.


Living room setting

The public areas are an addition to the central areas such as the auditorium and the drama classroom. Living room-type settings that have been furnished with distinctive sofas, colourful chairs, personal lockers and large club desks. Every single piece has been supplied by Gispen. We have received many positive reactions from the students. The furniture setups are ideal for meeting and catching up, working on group assignments, doing your homework or just chilling.


Flex-working for teachers

The teachers do not have their own staffrooms at the new building. The school wanted the teachers to inspire one another and has therefore chosen a flexible working method. Teachers of all backgrounds mingle while seated in comfortable sofas or at large tables with striking Gispen Centraal Museum chairs. Preparing for classes can be done at the Gispen NL Clubdesks. The central power- and data supply allows the teachers to simply plug into the network with their laptops.


Flexibility and freedom of choice

Gispen was also closely involved in the furnishing of the classrooms. The white Gispen UT student desks and colourful chairs have been specially selected for the pupils. The variation in furniture will almost certainly make them sit in a different spot every time they come into class. Flexibility and freedom of choice, that is what it’s all about at Reeshof College.


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