A work environment that encourages interaction

A work environment that encourages interaction

Circular Project Ricoh

Ricoh is a supplier of high quality printers and multifunctionals and has played a major role in the rapid development of office automation. The fact that a changing market requires a different approach, is self-evident for Ricoh. This is, after all, why working methods are changing. The new office in Den Bosch is furnished as a living showroom.

Motion and contact

The atmosphere of the Ricoh office encourages people to interact with one another. The furnishing facilitates consultation, brainstorming and collaboration with customers and colleagues. Employees are constantly on the move; they don’t have their own desks, instead they find a zone that suits their activity of that particular time. They can hold standing meetings, converse at the bar or exchange ideas while sitting in a beanbag.

Custom solutions

Gispen provided Ricoh with custom-made workstations. The flexible monitor arms, the acoustic dividing panels and the data and power supply are cleverly integrated into the desks. A user-friendly height adjustment system allows employees to adjust each desk to suit their personal preferences.


The New Way of Working, or as the company itself calls it 'the Ricoh Way of Working', adds a sustainable benefit. The more efficient use of the workspace has resulted in a saving of approximately 20% in square footage. This – in turn – results in a lower investment, less use of materials and a lower energy consumption. Gispen GreenLife has given old furniture a new lease of life, which is fully in line with Ricoh's sustainability philosophy.


Photography: Chris van Koeverden

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