Modern learning- and working environment

Modern learning- and working environment

About Circular Project ROC Sneek

The new building of ROC Friese Poort in Sneek is the perfect example of a modern learning environment where different ways of learning and working are possible. In the early stages of the project, the interior design, furniture, atmosphere and routing was already discussed by those involved. 

Working individually

A short summary of the task at hand: create a pleasant and functional learning- and working environment, where students can be at their best and inspire each other. At the ROC Friese Poort, they work according to the principle of ‘Active Learning’. Working individually is central to that idea. At the same time, however, everyone must be encouraged to interact with one another. These are both key requirements for the interior design and furnishing. 

Joining forces

The Gispen team worked closely together with architect Pieter Schievink and interior architect Frans Tauber. Together we contemplated things such as colour schemes, lighting and furniture. This has led to a result that radiates unity and peace. The interior architect: ‘Gispen has a clear vision, a ton of experience and the flexibility to do things differently.’


Activities as a guiding principle

Every single room has been set up to support the activity that takes place there. Some examples are classrooms where students can experiment, centres where they can work on assignments together and open study areas for focused studying. Gispen supplied the reading tables, workstations, seating and storage furniture and furnished the conference rooms. Students are encouraged to meet and work together at the club desks from the IC furniture programme. In addition, we worked out custom interior solutions for various parts of the building.  


Multi-functional restaurant

The institution’s restaurant was designed to fulfil multiple functions. Of course, you can still have lunch there but you can also hold a meeting or get some work done at one of the picnic tables, sofas or lounge seats.

Photography: Chris van Koeverden



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