St. Antonius hospital blushes

St. Antonius hospital blushes

St. Antonius hospital

Replacing a number of old branches, the new location of the St. Antonius hospital in the Leidsche Rijn district is now one of the most advanced hospitals of the Netherlands. Day patients can make appointments for all medical specialties. There is also an Emergency Room and a walk-in clinic. The hospital has 148 beds for long-term admission and 10 operating rooms at its disposal. To improve orientation, architectural firm de Jong Gortemaker Algra has divided the building into segments, which are all connected via an interior walkway, somewhat similar to a shopping mall. Colour schemes make the different zones even more recognisable. 

Patiëntgericht bureau

Patient-oriented desk

The TM Doc desk was specially designed for this hospital. Contrary to the straight lines of the building, the desk has an organic form, giving it a more friendly appearance.

The height adjustable desk improves the work posture of its user. The flexible monitor arm can be turned to easily share information with patients. This is also how the desk contributes to the patient-oriented policy of the hospital. 


Staff areas

IThe staff areas have been furnished to support The New Way of Working. This includes the Ellen Lounge: this lounge programme is rollable and features a slidable and electric height-adjustable top.

This is where the hospital staff can work and concentrate, work together or relax. The back wall of perforated steel improves the acoustics of the room. 


The client’s thoughts

We opted for the best quality. The new construction project took a while to complete, but now we are one of the most advanced hospitals in the country!  

‘Gispen’s employees are dedicated. They really go the extra mile to make things happen. This inspires confidence.’

Marijn Broere Procurement Account Manager St. Antonius hospital

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Products included in this project

Gispen products are well suited to the patient-oriented concept and flexible work environments and have been applied all across the hospital: the surgery department, emergency room, radiology, the outpatient clinics, the psychiatry unit, the conference centre, the Antonius Academy, the patient rooms, receptions, waiting areas, the staff restaurant and the back office.