‘Custom computer desk for digital exam hall’

‘Custom computer desk for digital exam hall’

About Circular Project TU Delft

TU Delft keeps up with the times – exam halls including. One of the halls has been transformed into a digital exam hall. The hall houses 325 desks, suitable for both written and digital tests. Gispen developed a unique, foldable computer desk for that sole purpose. 

Custom made ontwerp

Custom design

The project kicked off via a call for tender. We developed a new computer desk in response to the demands and wishes of the request for proposal. Designer Peter de Boer designed a school type desk that can be quickly converted into a desk suitable for taking a written or digital exam. In the latter case, students can simply fold down the stowed computer monitor. Based on design and pricing, Gispen received the request to further develop, manufacture and deliver the desks before the start of the next exam period. 


Quick and safe

The desk meets several important standards. The conversion can be done in under 30 seconds and the monitor has been fitted to the desk itself. In addition, the attributes had to be well-secured: the keyboard and mouse are stowed away in a compartment under the tabletop. The PC is kept under the table and behind a plate with a lock on it. The PC’s are connected to a data- and electrical network housed under the floor, which was raised for this very purpose. The design and the used materials allow for easy maintenance and cleaning.  


The client’s thoughts

‘Working together with people from Gispen was terrific. The then upcoming exam period meant that there was some pressure on getting the exam hall ready in time. Thanks to a joint effort between TU, Gispen and all involved contractors, the exam hall was completed in time. Despite the tight schedule, Gispen managed to deliver the 325 computer desks in time, installing them in perfect straight rows.’

‘Working together with Gispen was terrific’

Paul Uiterdijk Process Manager Accommodation

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Layout- and colour advice

Layout- and colour advice

At the request of TU, Gispen also shared its expertise on the layout of the area, while keeping escape routes in mind. We also came up with a colour scheme. Two different colours for the carpet and three for the chairs – which we also supplied. The different colours have clearly divided the exam hall into sections.     


Best partnership ever

This project was carried out in close consultation with the client. TU and Gispen are a great match because we both have a lot of technical expertise to bring to the table. Together we came up with a preliminary design, a diamond in the rough still, and continued working on it until we had a superb and functional product.  

Other universities have also shown interest in the design and have made their way to TU Delft to see it in person. 

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