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Many high tambour door cabinets in offices have become obsolete because of digitisation. The REMADE by Gispen programme is the answer to finding a new application for these items. We make agile workstations, seats or telephone booths out of these old cabinets. But there are many more options, such as lockers or pantries. Be amazed at the countless possibilities! We would be glad to advise you on a custom solution.

The REMADE cabinet is no longer a prototype and can now be ordered. You can also return your old cabinet.

Gispen REMADE Flexibele werkplek


After proven success, the REMADE cabinet has now been added to our collection. The model which is currently on offer can be personalised by means of different materials and colours.

Options Remade flexible cabinet | Gispen

This will allow you to give your remade cabinet a unique look. The frame is made of powder-coated steel, in a colour of your choosing. You can also line the interior of the cabinet with different materials. If desired, you can return your old cabinet which we will then process into a remade product such as an office workstation or telephone booth.


Circular Design Framework

Gispen produces its furniture – including the Gispen Remade cabinet – according to the latest insights into sustainability and the principles of the circular economy, in which the circular framework serves as our guiding principle. The circular score of the Remade cabinet can be found in the infographic below. 

Design framework remade cabinet

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line REMADE
Designer Gispen Design Team