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Are you planning on furnishing your interior in a more circular way? Or are you looking for versatilility in your work, healthcare or educational environment? Furniture as a Service might be the perfect solution for you. With Furniture as a Service you will enter into a lease agreement in which you pay a fixed monthly amount for the furniture you need. Gispen keeps ownership of the furniture and your organisation will retain more working capital for core activities.


How does it work?

We will enter into an agreement in the form of a monthly subscription for the use of the furniture, maintenance services and furniture management. This includes interest, insurance, depreciation, repairs and transport. The mimimum subscription period is 24 months. The furniture management system will allow you to easily submit repair and service requests. 


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  • Furniture that will always meet your day-to day activities. Your furniture is always kept up to date. Your furniture will not get dated nor will you have to face costly replacements.
  • Financial flexibility: no large investments but a monthly fee and the possibility to extend your subscription
  • You will become a circular entrepreneur and contribute positively to the environment.

A word from the professional

'We are receiving more and more requests for FaaS solutions. Not surprisingly, because it offers you flexibility and includes maintenance and much more. FaaS offers many advantages to large organisations that have constantly changing requirements; a meeting place that needs to become a workspace or lounge area, for example. Smaller organisations see the added benefit of paying for use instead of acquiring new furniture. Moreover, with this service they are assured of having high quality products. We do what we promise: deliver furniture that lasts a long time, has return value after use and can be used again.'

Danon van der Hoeven
Business manager

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