We unite design & craft

We unite design & craft

Gispen Design Collection


The Gispen Design Collection includes outspoken design products and functional solutions for home and work environments, from accessories to seating. It consist well manufactured furniture, lighting and accessories for those who appreciate design, value quality and sustainability. The products are smart and innovative, of high quality and suitable for home and office. Gispen stands for functional design with a touch of Dutch common sense which rules out redundancy.

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Whether it concerns a modern, minimalist, classic, rustic or eclectic interior, due to the balance between design and functionality, our products can be applied in every room of the house, regardless of preference of style and trends.



For realizing the collection, our team, which consists of productmanagers, interior architects, productdevelopers, engineers and specialized craftsmen, work together with renowned designers from home and abroad. Furthermore, we guide starting talented people to stimulate the insertion of new ideas and to safeguard innovation.


Own manufacturing and workmanship


The majority of our products are manufactured in our own Co2-neutral factory in Culemborg. This provides employment, local business, development of talent and innovations. It also contributes to the preservation of craft skills and industrial procedures.

More information


We will be glad to give you advise should you have any questions regarding our Design Collection. You can send us an email to share your wishes and ideas, without any obligation. Please send to info@gispen.nl 

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