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€589.00 Excl. Tax €712.69 Incl. Tax
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Product description

Working from home demands focus and attention, as well as a proper workstation for ergonomic support. Adopting a poor body posture (at your kitchen table, for example) is done very easily without even noticing it, which can cause physical discomfort. In order to be at your very best at home, it is no luxury to have a desk which allows you to adopt an active posture and keep in motion.

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This is even more relevant in these times, during which working from home in a healthy and responsible way has suddenly become an urgent necessity. The sit-stand home office desk allows you to alternate between a seated and standing position, always at the correct height for you to stay healthy at home.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-operate height adjustment from 70 to 127 cm with display incorporated into the tabletop
  • 160x80 cm is the ideal desk size for a laptop and (possibly) a separate monitor
  • Easy to equip with a monitor arm to adjust your monitor to the correct height
  • Tabletop comes with a white, oak, walnut or birch finish
  • The legs are equipped with adjusters for optimal levelling of the desk
  • Sustainably manufactured > the tabletop is made of 100% circular material

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Accessories that make your home workstation even more complete:

  • A set of cable clips, power strip and connection cable in order to neatly tuck away any cords and cables.
  • Outlet with power and USB connection for easy access from your tabletop.
  • Monitor arm, ergonomic keyboard and mouse for an ergonomic posture.

Feel free to contact us about the possibilities, we will be happy to provide you with tailored advice!

Sit-stand instruction

How does one use a (sit-stand) desk properly? What is the correct height and for how long can you sit or stand behind your desk responsibly? Watch the short instruction video below to be assured of an ergonomic posture.

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Height 70 - 127 cm
Tabletop chipboard 22 mm
Cable tray without cable tray
Legs T
Legs adjustable Height adjustable electric sitstand
Sit / stand Yes