Triennial Work High barkuk

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By sitting higher up, collaborating or brainstorming becomes a more active task. A higher seating position makes it easier to stand or lean against the table, causing you to subconsciously move more. This is good for your health as well as your creativity. 

Gispen project Alliander Duiven

Foto: Gispen Triennial work high barstool at Alliander duiven

Due to the highly comfortable Triennial bucket seat, Work High lends itself to sitting for prolonged periods of time. The frame is available with wheels or floor gliders and has a slender footrest. In addition, Work High is height adjustable from 61 to 91 cm, allowing everyone to adjust this chair to an ideal height.

Gispen Triennial work high barkruk

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen Triennial
Designer Anke Bernotat