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Alternating positions is healthy

Sitting for prolonged periods is bad for your health. At the same time we are tied to our workstations because we need computers in order to carry out our jobs. Should we stand at our desks all day then? No, standing for prolonged periods is not good for your health either. The solution is to alternate positions and to make sure that when we sit, we sit correctly.

Zinn office chair

How you can benefit from Zinn

  • Suitable for 98% of all people
  • Different adjustment systems to choose from: dynamic synchronous mechanism with active tilt adjustment or Autofit mechanism with automatic adjustment to the user’s weight
  • Quick Adjustment for adapting to the user’s weight
  • Height adjustability with four different gas struts to choose from
  • Flexible backrest for optimal pressure distribution
  • The wide range of fabrics and colours allows you to easily personalise your Zinn chairZinn office chair gispen

The Zinn office chair is equipped as standard with:

  • Height adjustable lumbar support for optimum support. With optional (inflatable) cushion
  • Meets (and exceeds) NPR 1813 and NEN EN 1335 standard
  • Seat depth adjustment of 10 cm with a seat that slides under the backrest (preventing an opening between the seat and back)
  • 2D, 3D, 4D or XD adjustable armrests


Zinn 2D armrests






You can adjust the Zinn office chair to your preferred setting via the synchronous mechanism. There is a single knob that allows you to set the tilt support, according to your length and weight. Zinn will feel comfortable right away due to the well-matched proportions of the seat and back, as well as the properties of the flexible backrest.

“Fewer levers and more comfort". The autofit mechanism automatically adjusts the counter pressure of the motion mechanism according to the user’s weight. Zinn only needs a single lever for this functionality. This lever, which is found on the front-right under the seat, adjusts both the seat height and the tension of the mechanism. Why do things the hard way?”


Zinn bureaustoel | project Croonwolter&dros


The Zinn office chair is user-friendly and adjusts in many different ways. This is what makes this office chair suitable for 98% of all people. While seated, the adjustment knobs and levers are easily reached and adjusted to your own preference. With a push or flick of a button, you will adjust the various options to suit your posture.

Zinn technology

Zinn offers a number of clever options in addition to the standard adjustment layout. A cushion can be added to the lumbar support, for example, providing extra back support. And for those who require more counterpressure, we offer an inflatable lumbar support.

Zinn lumbal support

Stustainability and circular economy

Gispen produces its furniture – Zinn including – according to the latest insights into sustainability and the principles of the Circular Economy. Our starting point for doing so is this circular framework.

Zinn CE Design framework EN

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Brand Gispen
Furniture line Gispen Zinn
Designer Justus Kolberg