Innovations from the past

Gispen has an impressive past when it comes to products that have taken a special place in the world of design, innovation, inspiration and sustainability. Each design was an innovative step at the time, referring to projects such as the Giso lighting or the ‘Goed Wonen’ period. This continued in office furniture products and also later with the introduction of office concepts.

Gispen Collection Foundation

The foundation was founded in 1996 and strives for maintaining, managing, expanding and presenting Gispen’s collection.

The Gispen Museum is an initiative of the Gispen Collection Foundation. Please visit the website from the Gispen Collection Foundation for more information on the rich history of Gispen in the form of products that have been manufactured by the company since 1923. Furnishing projects show you how these products are applied by Gispen in offices and in homes.


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 Gispen 412


Gispen is known for its classics. Designs such as 412, the Giso lamps and the President desk are paragons for innovation, design and quality.

A selection of historical Gispen products are still produced authentically this day, in accordance with the original design and the authentic materials such as bakelite. The Gispen classics are for sale in our online designshop and our design store in The Hague.

Monumental examples

Van Nelle factory

The Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam and Gispen have been connected for 75 years. Designer W.H. Gispen furnished their head office together with architects Brinkman and Van der Vlugt. The dual waiting bench with heater was a sensational element.

Coordinated by Claessens Erdmann, the industrial past of the Van Nelle Factory was given a new look, that of a design factory. Again Gispen made a special contribution: the longest table in Holland, the 30 meter Catwalk.



 Huis Sonneveld  Van Nelle bank

Residence Sonneveld

Residence Sonneveld, a national monument under management of the NAi (Dutch Architecture Institute), represents the luxurious and comfortable version of ´het Nieuwe Bouwen´. Gispen was the main furniture supplier. The furniture consisted primarily of tubular steel constructions such as the well-known Gispen arm chairs, tables and lamps, although Gispen also installed furniture that was specially designed for this residence. For instance, the dining room table with an integrated electrical telephone system. Gispen also created the gorgeous dressing table in the bedroom designed by Van der Vlugt.

 Huis Sonneveld interieur  Huis Sonneveld exterieur