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Studying in an inspiring and effective way

From secondary education up to university: the basis for any learning environment is a pleasant and inspiring physical space. Many educational institutions are looking for versatility, efficiency and a sense of identity in their learning environment. They also want to create a space where studying and working in an ergonomically responsible way is possible. These are all important starting points for the furnishing solutions we design and produce.


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Gispen creates sustainable environments that have a positive influence on people. We offer many years of experience in furnishing educational environments; an added benefit is our vast experience in healthcare and business. Additionally, Gispen is the best in its field when it comes to circular housing. From reuse to value retention and energy saving – Gispen is your partner throughout the entire furnishing process, both in facing circular challenges and in creating solutions. 

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Project: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

How to optimally furnish your learning environment

Be inspired

Every eductional institution is unique, but there are always similarities when it comes to the work processes. We encounter eight recurring activities within each educational environment: meeting, consulting, collaborating, taking or teaching a class, studying, doing research, working individually and concentrating. But how do you furnish your classrooms to optimally support these activities? We are happy to offer you some insight into the possibilities. Be inspired by the different solutions per activity and explore the various learning and working environments featured on this webpage.



Every day numerous encounters take place at your educational institution. The first encounters take place at the central reception area, of course, which serves as the calling card of your school, faculty or study programme. In addition, there are the areas where employees or students meet up to confer or study. The outdoor area also remains popular amongst students and teachers. Be inspired by the various possilbities for your meeting areas.




Getting together to discuss something you're working on. Not only teachers do it, students also tend to gather around a table and work on a project, for example. In education, there is always a need for different types of rooms where people can consult in a pleasant and efficient way. Be inspired by the possibilities featured below.  



We all want to offer our employees and students a pleasant environment that supports them in working together. An informal atmosphere will have a positive effect on those collaboratint. Teamwork can be optimally facilitated by providing options for both seated and standing activities; it is good for one's health to alternate between a seated and standing position. An open space is best suited for the application of collaborative workspaces. Explore the possibilities and be inspired. 



Taking and teaching classes

From a large auditorium or lecture hall to small classrooms. From a traditional classroom setup to a multi-functional area that can be turned around to support different types of work methods, furnished with a rollable scrum table for example. The possibilities are endless! Be inspired by the examples featured below.






Secluding yourself for some peace and quiet while studying. For many this is often more effective at school than at home. By providing your students with plesant study areas, you can support them optimally in focussing on their studies. Be inspired by the many possibilities featured below. 


Working individually

Every educational institution has both classrooms and teachers' lounges. When equipped with proper height-adjustable workstations, this where they can work in an undisturbed and ergonomically responsibly way for long periods of time. There is an inscreasing number of transition areas where students are also allowed to make use of these ergonomic workspaces. These are perfect when you need a desk to finish something real quick. Explore the many options for  individual workstations and be inspired.



Is total concentration required? As well as being without any visual distractions for a while? An enclosed workstation is ideal for employees who need to focus on their task. Acoustic solutions will take care of any ambient noise. Explore the possibilities.


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The Gispen Education Team

Gispen has its own team of specialists for the education sector. Consisting of interior architects, support staff, account managers and project supervisors who deal with challenges in education projects on a daily basis. Seasoned professionals who take the time to listen to your particular needs, but who will also give you an honest and expert opinion from their know-how of the industry. Whether it concerns a new construction or renovation project: wew are here to provide solutions for your learning environment of today and that of the future.  



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