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What does the process entail?

Old furniture is refurbised at large scale at our own Circular Hub by our own skilled workers. Each nut and bolt, mechanism and system is scrutinised and improved upon, creating more sustainable and higher quality products for the future. When you opt for refurbishment, Gispen will make sure your furniture retains its value with the least amount of waste and use of energy. Have we sparked your interest? Read the REVIVED by Gispen brochure to learn all about furniture refurbishment.

Circular Hub

We have brought all facilities, professionals and storage space together in a Circular Hub. This allows us to provide you with even faster and more targeted services in the circular field. This location is used to refurbish obsolete furniture on a large scale. We ourselves collect used furniture from the market and carry out business projects on request. This refurbished furniture we call REVIVED.

REVIVED furniture & Circular Hub
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Gispen REVIVED products are offered at our Circular Hub. The product range consists of furniture items that we have purchased or that were returned to us, after which they were cleaned, refurbished and repaired where necessary. You can benefit from these advantages when ordering a refurbished product from our webshop:  

  • Readily available
  • A wide product range and direct insight into stock numbers
  • Trade-in of your own furniture is possible
  • Reduced co2 emissions compared to a new product

View refurbished products in our webshop

Did you know that the CO2 emissions from the production of an average desk is 80 kg? With our circular Gispen desk this is 44 kg and with our REVIVED desks it is only 10 kg. With REVIVED we give used furniture a new life. This not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also prevents raw materials from becoming waste.
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EN Infographic CO2 emissions per chair circular and revived

Did you know that the CO2 emissions from the production of an average office chair is 110 kg? With our circular Gispen office chair this is 98 kg and with our REVIVED office chairs it is only 4 kg. We take back old products and refurbish them in the Circular Hub. For example, we reupholster chairs, replace table tops and electrical systems. Our furniture is as good as new again, without wasting raw materials.

Circular projects

Refurbishment examples

Breathing new life into products that have been deemed redundant by our clients. Where do you start? By carefully analysing our client’s wishes, after which we make an inventory of the reusable furniture that is present on site. A process during which the client becomes our partner. Together we will ensure that the materials do not become waste, but remain valuable at all times. From here, REVIVED by Gispen is ready to commence.


An impression of the refurbishment process at Alliander

The building had to exude renewal

We transformed 1,000 used Ahrend desks into dual workstation setups. The frames were repainted at our CO2-neutral factory and the height adjustment systems were replaced and improved. As a result, these workstations have been upgraded in both technology and quality. We euipped the workstations with fixed crank handles because they kept losing them. Integrated cable ducts with connectors provide a sound cable management solution. The old tabletops have either been turned locker cabinets or into acoustic dividing screens for in between workstations. This contributed to reaching our goal of 85% circularity.
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Refurbished office chairs from another brand


The refurbishment of these chairs has been made possible by a joint effort between Gispen and Stichting De Inzet from The Hague. This is a healthcare foundation for people with a mental or physical impairment. The foundation has a workshop where they guide people in professionally refurbishing desk chairs. The desk chair that was supplied to the Van Geuns building is the NPR model of the Drabert Entrada chair. Noortje van Kerkhof: ‘The chairs are comfortable and easy to use, but what is perhaps an even greater compliment, is that they did not even notice that the chairs were refurbished! I think it’s safe to say that I am a satisfied customer.’

REVIVED tabletop

A REVIVED tabletop is an innovative, circular choice for an Gispen TMNL table or desk. It reduces the environmental impact whilst choosing a robust material with a long life-span.

Compact material has been widely used for tabletops in the past. Tabletops made of this material can last up to 30 years. In practice, they are replaced after 10 years on average and the material is lost.

Our Circular Hub takes in around 5,000 used Compact tabletops every year. These are refurbished with a new top layer by an external processor. The now REVIVED tabletops are ready for their next life cycle. This process leads to a carbon footprint reduction of about 95%. By repeating it, we retain the value over multiple life cycles.

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Circular consultant

Robbert de Jonge

Our clients often think they need new furniture in order to implement a new business concept correctly. Our product designer and I often manage to surprise clients when we present them with all the options for reusing their furniture. These are the days when I come home in a particularly good mood.

I am always searching for new ways to make optimal use of the resources that find their way back to Gispen. Closing the loops is our ultimate goal. Considering all the products we are refurbishing I think it's safe to say that Gispen is on the right track!





Robbert de Jonge
Gispen Project Manager circular economy


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