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Working in a pleasant, healthy and comfortable way

The new workplace reality has had quite an impact on us and our physical work environment. How can you furnish your office, healthcare or educational environment in a safe, responsible and inspiring way? And what will these changes mean for your work environment in the long term?

Most ideally an environment in which the unique features of your organisation stand out immediately. Other contemporary requirements are flexibility, efficiency – clever use of the available square footage – and sustainability. Sustainable design is Gispen’s answer to this set of requirements.


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Sustainable design

Gispen creates well-thought-through and sustainable environments which positively influence people. Our strength lies in our many years of experience in furnishing offices; an added benefit is our vast experience in education and healthcare. Additionally, Gispen is the best in its field when it comes to circular housing. From reuse to value retention and energy saving – Gispen is your partner throughout the entire furnishing process, both in facing circular challenges and in creating solutions. 



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Featured projects

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"Gispen has created an interior that has the wow factor we envisioned. A sustainable furnishing that inspires, connects and is comfortable at the same time. This is the result of Gispen’s many years of experience in furnishing office environments. They have perfectly translated our ambitions and requirements into the interior design."
Maurice Oliviers Brand Manager Brightlands


Gispen offers an extensive collection of project furniture. From (sit-stand) desks, ergonomic office chairs, cabinets, acoustic panels and conference furniture to seats and lounge sofas for more informal encounters. Be inspired by the possibilities. In addition to Gispen furniture, we also supply products from other high-end furniture brands. In order to make your search a bit easier, you can search per product type or furniture line while browsing our website.



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Brightlands Center Court   landscapem


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