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The work environment is permanently changing

What is the impact of the new workplace reality and the new work methods that are emerging? What are the challenges and effects of the current situation and that of the future? We put these questions to hundreds of contacts who work in business, healthcare, education and the government. Virtually all of them were of the opinion that their work environment is permanently changing. Employees will continue to work more from home and commute less due to conference calls. And more than ever, people feel the need to connect with others, with colleagues but also with the organisation they work for. We can confirm this trend from both rou observations and from the reports of domestic and foreign trendwatchers.



At Gispen we speak of the New Way of Working TOGETHER. People are collaborating in new and different way within their office, healthcare and educational environments. Aas a furnishing partner, we will assist you in finding solutions to the rapidly changing workplace. We are in constant contact with our clients, partners and other relations; because it is only together that can successfully implement these changes and new work methods in a constructive way. We have never offered this many types of solutions for such a wide range of work methods and work environments.

We look beyond furniture and interior designs. Gispen takes an integrated approach to the New Way of Working TOGETHER: we are also working on solutions in terms of cleaning (protocols) and materials with an anti-viral effect, ventilation, air humidity and the application of UV-C light. The solutions we come up with are constantly evolving. We will keep you informed!


Four trends

We distinguish four important trends and developments within the perspective of the new workplace reality: employees are working more from home. The central office, healthcare or educational environment has become more of a social gathering place. Distance, safety and gygiene are changing the layouts of work environments. And employees commute less and videoconference more. 


1. The rise of remote working

Remote working is becoming a vital part of the social distancing economy. This is why home offices will undergo further professionalisation and will be given more consideration by employers and social partners. After all, the same ergonomic rules as used at the office apply to working at home. The basic needs are the same: having a proper height-adjustable desk with an ergonomic office chair and preferably with cords and cables safely tucked away. This is how employees can work efficiently, safely and happily wherever they are. 


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Thuiswerkbureau, ZINN Smart
Home Office desk combined with ZINN Smart Home Office chair
SEPP, TMNL, Zinn Multi, Outline, PEXX

2. The office to serve as a social meeting place

It is because of remote working and more distance that people will want to meet up with their colleagues to socialise. They want to feel connected with one another and with the organisation they work for. As a result, your physical work environment will fulfil a more prominent role as a meeting place; where people spend time to confer, work together or provide coaching.

A social distancing office calls for clever prioritising. Which activities can be carried out by whom and when? How can you make effective use of the space available in your existing layout? Short-term solutions include back-to-back working and social distancing through (transparentscreens in between workstations. For the medium to long term, an adaptable office redesign may be required, where office space and conference rooms can be given new functions quickly.


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3. A new layout for working, caring and learning

Distance, safety and hygiene affect the layout of your work environment. New floor plans and routings will be created, and people are kept seperate and new materials are introduced. Agile workstations will change back into personal workstations. What holds true to all these solutions is that they may not interfere with the social function of the work environment in question. This is where supporting solutions such as signage, information systems and apps will come in handy. Standard solutions will not result in the best possible overhaul of your physical workplace. Gispen will be happy to share its expertise with you and come up with the best possible solution. 


MOXX, MulitLounge, Triennial Classic, Berlage, Dukdalf, TMNL, ZInn Multi, Zinn

4. Less commuting, more videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is not only necessary for situations where physical contact is not possible: organisations have also come to appreciate the flexibility it introduces. Not to mention the environmental gain, considering videoconferencing results in less commuting. Remote meetings, training sessions and presentations can continue to take place, even when things return to normal. The social distancing office does require alternative furnishing solutions. Enclosed and sound-deadening workspaces such as MOXX will offer privacy and prevent colleagues from disturbing one another at the office.


FLOO, Nomi Classic, Dombo, Asido
Communications consultant

Diane van Veen

'Would you like to learn more about our vision of the new Way of Working TOGETHER? Or would you like to discuss the possibilities it may have for your organisation? Fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible! You can also contact us directly via telephone of course, by dialing  0345 47 42 11.

We would also be more than happy to tell you more about the results of our inquiry into the new workplace reality of our clients' businesses.'





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