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Thinking outside the box, trying out new things: seize the opportunity, we'll support you! Many of Gispen's wonderful initiatives were originally developed by employees. From pioneering circular activities to innovative design. This entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA and it is what we are known for. We can even be a bit stubborn, which is actually how we come up with the most surprising and optimal interior design concepts.    


Gispen stands for sustainable design. We realise surprising and sustainable interior designs together with national and international designers and architects as well as with our clients, partners and suppliers. We create working, healthcare and educational environments that have a positive influence on people. We have been doing so for over 100 years with an experienced, enthusiastic and close-knit group of professionals in various disciplines. 


Gispen has consciously opted for circular entrepreneurship. Our guiding principles are innovative design and manufacturing, clever (re)use, value retention and sustainable use of furniture. Do you share these ambitions? In that case, you will probably fit in perfectly!

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To begin with: a pleasant and inspiring work environment with enthusiastic and skilled colleagues who interact informally with one another. It is important to us that new employees feel right at home with us. And that you enjoy working with your colleagues and clients in order to achieve the best possible results. We will give you plenty of freedom for entrepreneurship and creativity. For as long as Gispen has existed, employees from all layers of the organisation have come up with the most creative solutions and ideas.      

A healthy work environment 

Healthy working is also high on our list of priorities. We aim to keep our employees healthy and motivated until they retire. This is why we organise sports activities, offer employees health checks and motivate each other to develop healthy habits in the workplace. Sometimes these things are easier to work on together. And we do love working together at Gispen!   


If you appreciate the freedom to be entrepreneurial and enjoy sharing your successes with your colleagues, please don’t hesitate to apply for one of our vacancies.


Job Vacancy Overview

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HR Manager

Anne-Marie Jansen

"Our clients always come first, but we also do a lot for our employees. We have genuine attention for each other. Everybody knows each other and moves freely through the departments. You are entrusted with quite a few responsibilities and you can share your opinions on all sorts of things. We even expect this of you! As we expect you to have a flexible attitude. In return, you can count on proper coaching from managers and colleagues. Collaborating in an open and trusting manner. Challenging each other and helping each other out. This is, in short, what it means to work at Gispen. There is nothing better than seeing people thrive here."

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