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Shaping the Healthcare environment

People feel at ease in a well-designed healthcare environment. Our designers make a major contribution to this. With their design they create a place where people feel welcome, safe and comfortable. A well-designed healthcare environment can even contribute to stress reduction and faster healing. How do we set up such an environment? And how do make this environment as sustainable as possible?

Watch how Nelleke shapes the healthcare environment

Interior architect Nelleke Lagerwerf has been working at Gispen for over 10 years. She specializes in healthcare environments. People's stories inspire her to give the spaces she designs a feeling that fits. Without losing their function. This interaction is crucial in all her designs. That is why she always starts the design process in consultation with her customers. How do they work now, what do they want differently and what are their needs?

Hospitable and versatile

In an optimal healthcare environment, the well-being of the patients and visitors is foremost. This will offer patients the best chances of a swift recovery. At the same time, this is a work environment in which for your healthcare professsionals can carry out their jobs efficiently and skillfully. In addition to creating an own identity and welcoming atmosphere, many healthcare and well-being institutions are looking for versatily and efficiency, which happen to be key guiding principles for Gispen's furnishing solutions.

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The more pleasant the environment, the better patients will feel.



Every healthcare organisation is unique, but there are always similarities when it comes to the activities and work processes. We encounter six recurring activities within each and every care environment: meeting, residing, treating, working individually, concentrating and consulting. But how do you furnish your healthcare environment to optimally support these activities? We are happy to offer you some insight into the possibilities. Be inspired by the different solutions per activity and explore the various healthcare environments featured on this webpage.


From a short visit to the outpatient clinic to day treatment or a longer stay; you want to give your patients and their loved ones a pleasant stay. In addition, you want to offer your professionals multi-functional and flexible workspaces where they can carry out their jobs efficiently, while offering your patients a comfortable and safe environment with furniture that meets all hygienic standards. Explore the possibilities for your treatment rooms.


A consultation between a physician and their patient. A small medical procedure, or a more comprehensive treatment. In all cases, you want to offer your professionals multi-functional and flexible workspaces where they can carry out their jobs efficiently, while offering your patients a comfortable and safe environment with furniture that meets all hygienic standards. Explore the possibilities for your treatment rooms.


An atmospheric restaurant is the perfect place for visitors to seek a moment of relaxation inside any healthcare institution. A place where they can escape the hospital for a while and where they can unwind. This is also possible in a pleasant outdoor area, of course. The staff restaurant, on the other hand, is where your employees meet with their colleagues. Explore the various possibilities for your meeting places.


Ergonomic workspaces support effective and pleasant computer work. Preferably flexible in use due to height-adjustable chairs and desks, which will also make it pleasant and ergonomically responsible to work at for long periods of time. Do you need to work on something for only a minute? Use an agile workstation with different seating options. Be inspired by the various possibilities for working individually.


Do certain tasks require extra focus and concentration? In that case, it would be convenient if your employees can use a more secluded workspace. There are even special booths for even more visual and acoustic quietness. Explore the possibilities for concentrating within your care environment.


From holding a meeting with only a few people to transferring information to a large group; offer your employees spaces for different types of consultations or presentations. In addition to a traditional conference setup where everyone is seated, you can also experiment with standing meetings. Even better: alternate between the two. Be inspired by the various possibilities for consulting areas.

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Your activities as a starting point


In this brochure we give you an overview of the numerous options available for the design, layout and atmosphere of your healthcare environment. We are happy to let you taste the possibilities.

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Sustainable design

Gispen creates sustainable healthcare environments which positively influence people. We offer many years of experience in furnishing healthcare environments; an added benefit is our vast experience in education and business. Additionally, Gispen is the best in its field when it comes to circular housing. From reuse to value retention and energy saving – Gispen is your partner throughout the entire furnishing process, both in facing circular challenges and in creating solutions. 


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Featured projects

Peter van der Linden, Business Manager Care Gispen

We do it together

'We take furnishing with Care quite literally. And you are not on your own. Your healthcare institution, working processes and environment are our starting points, to which we add our many years of experience and expertise. Together we will come up with the best possible working environment for your employees, as well as a place where your patients and visitors can feel at home.'



The Gispen Healthcare Team

Gispen has its own team of specialists for the healthcare sector. Consisting of interior architects, office staff, business managers, account managers and project supervisors who are creating solutions for healthcare institutions on a daily basis. Seasoned professionals who take the time to listen to your particular needs, but who will also give you an honest and expert opinion. Whether it concerns new construction or the renovation of an existing building: our professionals will share their expertise for you to evolve in the present and in the future.

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Seasoned professionals who take the time to listen to your needs.
black and white portrait of Nelleke Lagerwerf
“In my designs I take into account the use, durability and what kind of material is suitable for healthcare. For example, I do research in what kind of imitation leather fits the cleaning protocol of a certain hospital.”
NELLEKE LAGERWERF Interior architect Gispen

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