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Gispen healthcare project interior view of Radboud UMC in Nijmegen 15A7418

Translate the interior concept into a furniture collection that meets Radboudumc's specific requirements for hygiene, ergonomics and a healing environment. Gispen furnished the new main building of Radboudumc and based its design on the architecture by EGM Architects and the interior concept by Suzanne Holz Studio. “Gispen finds functional yet stylish solutions within existing frameworks.”

Healing environment

Office spaces, patient rooms, consulting and examination rooms, lounges and a library: Gispen furnished almost all areas of the new main building of Radboudumc. A key requirement: the rooms had to be functional while meeting the guiding principles of a healing environment as well as the hospital’s sustainability requirements. The interior design was a good starting point for Gispen to come up with a product selection. The building's design is based on atmospheres that start at the bottom with water plants and end on the upper floors with the green roof. In addition, all the floors have colour schemes that represent the four seasons. The beautiful range of products with over a thousand furniture and interior elements matches perfectly with the look & feel of the building, contributing to the 'hotel experience' for patients.


A comprehensive interior design was created for the complex spatial programme of the new main building A. Besides the so-called 'Bossche school' design which is so typical for Radboudumc, it subtly incorporates environmental themes and seasonal colours. For each of the nine floors, Gispen installed furniture that corresponds with the four seasons: blue, green, lilac and orange for winter, spring, summer and autumn, respectively. Sabine Gorter, Gispen account manager: “The materials and colours that were selected are a perfect match with the company colours and corporate style. In various areas we opted for furniture in basic colours that will suit any environment. Examples include the workstations with wooden desks, white cabinets and planters for the office area as well as white furniture items for the lounge areas.”



We not only created a good match with the interior design in terms of colour and materials, we also reinterpreted a number of existing furniture designs: “We updated the patient chairs with a raised seat or with additional (raised) armrests, for example. We also made shape, material, size and assembly changes. Another good example is the LYNX chair by Casala, of which we changed the colour and the material of the shell; with a special wood veneer that is not in the Casala collection. I find it extraordinary that we managed to achieve all that with our partners.”

Another prime example of collaboration: “Together with our main upholsterer Havee Meubelen, we have developed a system that allows us to reupholster chairs efficiently on-site. This makes the custom-made coach seats even more sustainable.”


We also implemented a number of changes and customisations for the benefit of the employees. “The consultation tables at the outpatient clinic have been equipped with adjustable monitor arms upon request. This optimises the eye contact between the patient and medical practitioner; there is no longer any need for a screen in between them. Gispen also fitted two monitors on adjustable monitor arms after a trial setup was tested by end users and the IT department.”

Sabine thinks the design of the Gispen ZINN office chairs is quite remarkable and trend-breaking. “The standard black office chair does not feature in the unique style and colour manual of Radboudumc. Therefore, we created a Gispen ZINN special boasting an aluminium five-star base, light-grey frame and brown upholstery of silicone leather. A very special look! I now also see other hospitals adopting this trend by no longer settling for just 'black' or 'standard'."

Also read our blog: 'RADBOUDUMC SETS SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS FOR CLEANING AND DISINFECTION' for more information about the materials used in Radboudumc.

Photography: Chris van Koeverden 

black and white portrait of Sabine van den Berg
Sabine Gorter – Healthcare account manager at Gispen

A word from the employee

“This project stands out for its extensive collaboration between the client and the users. We held weekly consultations on-site in order to select the right products in colours and finishes that match the medical centre's style and colour scheme. Trial setups were arranged to not only determine the right look and feel, but also to be tested out by end users and stakeholders. I don't often come across an intensive process such as this one.

The working relationship we had with our partners was also quite special. The customisation of the LYNX chair by Casala is a good example of this, as well as a new and sustainable reupholstery system for the coach seat by Havee Furniture. While working on this project with Radboudumc and our partner suppliers, our focus was always set on providing creative and innovative solutions.”

Iris Hobo Design manager Furnishing & Design Radboudumc
portrait of Iris Hobo
Design manager Furnishing & Design Radboudumc

The client’s thoughts

"Our Interior and Design teams had weekly meetings with the Gispen project team to go through all the specs, requirements and test results. In addition to concept, colour and design, hygiene and ergonomics for patients and staff played a key role in selecting the furniture, materials and upholstery. As an industrial designer, I always demand a lot from the suppliers. I am very enthusiastic about the creativity of interior architect Nelleke Lagerwerf, the solution-oriented attitude of Sabine Gorter and the substantive knowledge of Ed Wulterkens. This Gispen team is both willing and capable of finding solutions within existing frameworks.”

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