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A shared workspace

Gispen TMNL is a modular desk system and has been specially designed for intensive use. TMNL is ideal for dynamic organisations that have high standards when it comes to a multifunctional and sustainable office furnishing. Gispen TMNL can be recognised by its square T-shaped legs. The frame, tabletop and undercarriage are easily assembled and easily adjusted to the correct height.

Are you in need of a shared workspace? Look no further than the Gispen TMNL Dual workstation, a shared workstation with individual height adjustment. Ideally suited for an agile work method and alternating users.


Clothes make the man, but colours define your workspace! The strongest design feature of TMNL is its square column table leg. The legs can be finished in striking colours for a distinct accent; with a more understated colour, your desk will blend with the surroundings of your workspace. The tabletops, which are made of 100% circular materials, are also available in various colours and wood finishes.

TMNL, Zinn
TMNL Dual combined with ZINN office chair.


  • Adaptable on site: TMNL tables can be adapted at the office at any time. This will save transport costs and prevent disruptions of your business
  • Optimal use: the clever modular system will allow you to configure your TEAM in a way that suits your organisation perfectly
  • Design your own: a great many options to give your interior the look that suits your organisation best
  • Clever workstation: a well-designed cable management system will ensure a safe and tidy workspace
  • Circularity: when opting for TMNL, you will contribute to the circular economy together with Gispen. Future returns and reuse have already been taken into account
  • Future proof: this desk system can be adapted at any time to meet new requirements, which is more economical than purchasing new furniture
The dividing screen contributes to the acoustics of the room, creating peace and quiet for those who need to concentrate.

Full concentration

Those who need full concentration to complete their task will need a workstation that offers some level of privacy.

By adding a dividing or privacy screen to your TMNL workstation, you will also create a visual separation that contributes to the acoustics of the room. The acoustic level differs per screen, all variants come with a Peutz test result. We will be happy to advise you in choosing the screen with the right acoustic value for your office environment.



Gispen TMNL helps cost-conscious organisations to keep evolving in a responsible way. The product is highly efficient, versatile and sustainable. The components are easily combined and are even interchangeable, if a cost-saving solution is required.

If you opt for a basic setup at first, you can upgrade your desk by adding accessories and cabling at a later point in time. All add-ons are easily and quickly integrated.


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Gispen TMNL table collection front view

Cable management

A workstation without a PC or laptop is unthinkable in the office environment of today. Well-sorted cable management guarantees a safe and tidy workspace. This is why TMNL offers a wide range of cable routing options. If there is need for a higher capacity, TMNL will adapt and facilitate that change.

Read the brochure for more information on cable management.



When we designed TMNL, we already took account of possible future returns and the reusability of the components and materials. Gispen takes responsiblity for the entire lifespan of its products. We will take back your TMNL when it has reached the end of its life, after we will give it a new function or refurbish it to brand new.


WIth a score of 76%, TMNL earns 4 stars on our circular design framework.


of TMNL can be recycled in the future.


The tabletops of TMNL consist of 100% circular materals.


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Brand Gispen
Designer Marck Haans / Peter de Boer
Furniture line TMNL
Brightlands Center Court


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