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Are you facing a logistical challenge? An interior that needs to be fully furnished, for example, with many workstations as well as waiting areas and meeting places. Are you facing a tight deadline too? Or are you looking for someone that can plan and manage the furnishing process from start to finish? Project Management by Gispen can provide it all.


Office, healthcare or education?

Whether your furnishing project concerns an office, healthcare or educational environment, we have the right project manager for the job. Our managers are all involved and accessible people who will go the extra mile to make your project a success, while working closely together with the account managers and interior designers.


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Knowledgeable point of contact

The Gispen project manager will support you during the preparation phase as well as the implementation phase of a project. From the design process up to the installation of the furniture. Your project manager is your first point of contact and will manage the entire furnishing process and make sure that every agreement is honoured. He or she will attend construction meetings, draw up an implementation plan, keep you informed of logistical preparations, manage furnishing partners and make sure that your new work environment is ready for action at completion of the project. 



Answering all your questions

In every single furnishing project, there are always more questions. Questions regarding air- and lighting quality, paintwork, styling, window decoration, flooring, cable management…perhaps even questions that have to do with circular interior design. Our project managers will answer all of your questions - or ensure that there will be an answer. And if there are any unexpected problems, your project manager will make sure they are dealt with quickly and effectively.


The client's thoughts

'We have completed multiple projects together in the past. Often including Interior Design: from furnishing a foyer with board rooms to reconstructing a restaurant into a new, more daring and multi-functional space. Gispen helps you in getting the right look and selecting the right materials, products, dimensions and interior elements. I take pleasure in the fact that Gispen is both our designer, advisor and supplier. You can leave it all in the hands of one organisation, and in this case one that knows us well. Creating and realising work environments truly becomes a joint effort when you work together with Gispen.'

Jos de Vriend
Project Supervisor Interior & Office Allocation at the Municipality of The Hague

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