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Everybody wants reliable furniture. Whether it concerns your workstations, waiting areas, reception area or conference rooms; your employees, clients and business relations must be able to get the most out of the interior. Proper and timely maintenance will ensure that your furniture stays at its highest utility, both in terms of quality and functionality as well as in aesthetics. We can maintain all your furniture for you, including furniture items that were supplied by other manufacurers. 


The client’s thoughts

'After a tender procedure in 2015, Gispen was awarded the contract for maintenance and management of all the furniture for all NS locations. Gispen carries out preventive maintenance of the furniture that is present on site. Whenever new furniture is delivered, they carry out corrective maintenance. They are really helpful in coming up with the best solutions. A good example is the location in Arnhem where we had some sofas with backrests that were too low. Gispen altered the backrests specially for us. Gispen is a very involved partner.’

Coby van Lune
Demand Manager at NS

Three types of maintenance

Gispen can provide:

Preventive maintenance: we ensure a longer product lifecycle by carrying out periodic check-ups of your furniture. A single annual maintenance round will usually suffice to keep your furniture at its highest utility.


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Corrective maintenance: when something breaks or no longer functions properly, we will take care of it immediately – always on-site.


Cleaning service: by cleaning your furniture on a regular basis, we extend the product lifecycle. We always try to find the right time for maintenance to take place in order to not disturb your daily activities, during holiday periods, for example.

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Gispen thinks in terms of solutions

If your furniture is still under warranty, we will make sure that the maintenance is carried out while you are still covered. Maintenance activities will of course be carried out in close collaboration with your facility manager, if your organisation has one.


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