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Your organization is moving to a new location, or a department is moving internally. You may need temporary storage of furniture, or assistance in emptying out a building before you move in. Gispen can be of service in all these situations. In addition to supplying furniture, we can take care of the entire logistical process.


Office furniture relocations

A small department moves to another floor, or the entire organisation moves to another building. Gispen relocates office furniture, but also manages entire project relocations (including IT, archives and personal belongings). We not only relocate workstations, we can also make them fully functional for you – Gispen can install and assemble any workstation on site and provide cable management too, if needed, making every workstation neat and tidy.


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Temporary storage

A project has passed its deadline, the rooms where furniture is supposed to be allocated are not ready yet, but production is already underway. Gispen can temporarily store your furniture while you sort things out. Our storage solution is flexible in both time and scope. We will ensure that your furniture is stored in a safe, dry and secured environment. 


Returns and building clearances

The office building you are moving into is full of (old) furniture. Or you have a surplus of furniture. Gispen clears out buildings in a responsible way and takes in any surplus furniture you may have – together we will define which options are best for you and the environment. 


'No logistical request is straightforward. Timeframes differ and storage volume varies, moving projects can be small up until vast scale, a returned batch of furniture can include varying numbers of redundant items. Providing a fully-tailored service is what we aim for. Various clients have let us know that they greatly appreciate our flexible attitude. This is what makes it all worth it.’

John van der Hoeven
Logistics and service manager

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